With this program, Fr. Mike begins a new series on the life and teaching of Paul of  Tarsus, a man on fire with the love of Jesus. 

As a very special treat, there is an excerpt from Paul, A Musical on the Life of St. Paul, the play written by Fr. Mike and produced in 2009. This excerpt includes Paul (played by Gabriel Silva) singing Damascus (lyrics by Alicia Rowe, music by Sally Wolf).  It ends with the question: “Who are you, Paul of Damascus?”

Fr. Mike then goes on to explain who this man really is, beginning with his complicity in the death of Stephen, his conversion on the way to Damascus, and his missionary journeys.

What does all this have to do with us? Fr. Mike poses some questions to get us started on this journey with the man called Paul.
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We all think of God as a man. Well, maybe some women would like to think of God as a woman. What does the Bible say about this?

Fr. Mike talks about the fact that God is neither male or female. Since the writers of the Bible were male, God is labeled with masculine names. He then speaks of Carl Jung and his famous “anima and animus”, applying that concept to God and to us.

Then Fr. Mike goes through the woman images in the Bible when talking about God – Isaiah, Numbers, Deuteronomy, Proverbs, Hosea, and the Song of Songs. You will be surprised at all the references.  He asks: What difference does this notion of God make in our lives.

He quickly reviews all the women in this series of God’s Women, ending with God.

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