Notice to our Curbside Shoppers
In order to continue to offer curbside pick up and support our online platform…We found it necessary to charge a small flat fee of $8 in order to help defray the cost of shopping the order and
providing the service. 
Happy 4th of July!
After what felt like a never-ending spring, summer has seemingly blossomed overnight with hot, sunny weather, perfect for enjoying family bbqs, sublime beach days, fresh summer produce and enchanting sunsets.  Here on the Farm, it's our personal mission to make sure Islanders have everything they need to savor every last drop that Nantucket has to offer.  While there may not be any fireworks at the Jetties this year, we encourage our customers to make "fireworks" at the dinner table and in the garden with fresh, produce-filled summer meals, handmade wines and beers, classic summer tableware and bright, blossoming backyard landscapes. On Independence Day, we haul out family recipes for chili, barbecue ribs, chicken, lobster salad and of course, strawberry shortcake.  There’s zesty potato salad and delicious, sweet corn roasted on the cob.  Pies and cakes are laid out alongside whipped, vanilla-flecked pints of ice cream. No matter where you're from, in this country or beyond, Independence day lets us collectively share a meal together and reflect on the importance of this day in history. While we might be not be able to get together this year, we're together in red, white and blue spirit. 

Wishing you a delicious, safe, and healthy holiday.

From all of us here,

Bartlett's Ocean View Farm
Bartlett's Produce Truck is BACK
The Produce Truck Locations and Hours
Main Street- 8:30 am to 1 pm, Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays
Siasconset Rotary- 8:30 am to 1 pm, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays

With our limited staffing abilities this season, we’ve had to pick and choose what we grow and harvest. What we may lack in assortment, we’ll make up for in quality and availability! Corn and tomatoes (of course!), certified organic greens, organic head lettuce, hydroponic greens, organic field flower bunches and cut lily stems will all be offered for sale on the truck this season. 
Field Cut Flowers have started to appear in the
Market this week
Add Prepared Foods to Your Pick up!
We want to thank you for your continued online business. You have helped us immensely by keeping customer counts to safe levels in the store. We have yet to be able to add hot prepared foods to our online platform, but we welcome phone orders for purchasing these items. In the 'notes' section of your curbside order, you can add a note to have us give you a call to add your hot prepared food order to
your pickup time. 
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Feeling Patriotic?
We have red, white and blue for days! Flag-themed napkins & tableware, glowsticks, & cornhole. Starred and striped utensils and paper straws too, perfect for an easy backyard dinner.
Nantucket Fresh Catch
Fresh Catch Hours this week-
Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday 10-7 
Friday, Saturday 9-7
Sunday 10-7
Closed Mondays