September 6, 2016

Dear Members and Friends of Advent, 

Please receive the following update from the Call Committee with full faith in their process, which has been prayerful and deliberative. The Council and I are fully supportive of their work and confident that they will find an incredible pastor for Advent Lutheran Church. I also want to invite you to attend our next Council Update on Sunday, Oct. 2 at 10:10am in English and after the 12:45pm service in Spanish. In the meantime, we all welcome your questions and your prayers. 

In peace, 
Damaris Maclean 
Council President
Update from the Call Committee

As we head into the fall, I wanted to give the congregation an update on the call process and the search for Advent's next Senior Pastor.
We were given the option of receiving from the Synod "one name at a time" or "three names at a time" from which to interview potential candidates. The rules of the process dictate that if, after interviewing, we are not convinced we have found our pastor, we must "release" the candidate(s); i.e., all three candidates if that option is chosen. We cannot "hold" a candidate and still get new names from the Synod.
Our committee opted for "three names at a time," and we were given three candidates to consider. After interviewing each, and after careful research, contemplation, and prayer, we did not believe that any of the three was right for Advent. All three were exceptional pastors, which—while encouraging—made our decision to release them a difficult one. We have just received new names to consider, and we will be conducting interviews and doing more research over the next few weeks.
Once we believe we have identified the right candidate, we will recommended this individual to the Council. If approved there, the candidate will then be recommended to the congregation.  
Please know that I believe the Council has formed a wonderful Call Committee. I could not be more pleased with the hard work, perspective, and passion each member brings to this process. We all love Advent, and we so appreciate everyone's thoughts and prayers during this challenging process.  And while I cannot discuss any specifics regarding the candidates, I am more than happy to answer any other questions you may have.

In peace,
David Richards
Chair of the Call Committee, Advent Lutheran Church
2504 Broadway at 93rd Street New York, New York 10025  |  Phone: 212.665.2504