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What:   25th Anniversary Celebration for LWV-CA

When:  Saturday, Sept. 8 from 2:30 to 4

Where: DAS REC New Braunfels Recreation Center

345 Landa St, New Braunfels, TX 78130

What:   National Voter Registration Day

When:  Tuesday, Sept. 25

Where: Voter Registration in different locations.  Contact Robin Engel ( to participate.

What:  Last Day to Register to Vote

When: Tuesday, Oct. 9

What:   Candidate Forum

When:  Wednesday, Oct. 17: 6 to 7:30

Where: Tye Preston Memorial Library

16311 South Access Road, Canyon Lake.

What:   First Day of Early Voting

When:  Tuesday, Oct. 22



New Members

Current Membership is 61.


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Ana Maria Gonzalez Garcia

830-401- 5946


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From the President

 Just like going back to school, this is the time of the year that the League begins a busy season.  I really hope that all members (with guests if you want)  will attend the September 8 meeting that begins our year.  I promise you will learn something new about the Comal League's history - about  plans for this year - and also learn something about your fellow League members.


This is a busy time for Voter Services with voter registration, candidate forums, and getting information for Vote411.  I appreciate all the volunteers who make these efforts successful.


I hope you have had the time to look at our new improved website.  Leagues across the country are switching to this new platform which allows us to share content from the National and State League.


In the news, there are many stories of young people from high school to college becoming active and making their voices heard on a variety of issues.  At the LWV National Convention this year, it was determined that local leagues do not have to make a per member payment for student members.  This means we can offer free memberships to students.  For the last several years, the Comal Area League has worked to register high school students who are turning 18.


It seemed time for the Board to set the intention to do more with young people so the position of Director at Large was changed to Director for Youth Empowerment.  Janyth Fredrickson is very excited to take on this responsibility.  We want to work with young people to register and then to become informed voters.  We would like to see student members join the League and learn about government and effective advocacy. Any member interested in working with Janyth should email her at


We have many new members and I hope you will join in the Sept.8 celebration to look back at our history with pride and look forward with enthusiasm as we continue the work of EMPOWERING VOTERS  and DEFENDING DEMOCRACY.



Celebrate 25th Anniversary of the Comal Area League


We look forward to seeing you at the September 8th meeting from 2:30 to 4:00. This is the 25th year anniversary of our League. Let’s celebrate our charter members, new members and all those in between!  We will be meeting in the new DAS REC New Braunfels Recreation Center, 345 Landa Drive, New Braunfels, Texas 78130. We will update you on League activities and how you can contribute to our work.  If you haven’t filled out the Member Interest Survey, please go to League of Women Voters Comal Area website  (on the home page) and submit. We will have yummy refreshments and look forward to getting to know each other better. If you have any questions, please contact Jenny Ayala, Membership at (210) 823-5388.


Voter Registration


Kudos to the Deputy Voter Registrars working at four convocations for employees returning to the Comal Independent School District this week. About 3,000 employees are expected to attend four events being held at Smithson Valley, Canyon and Canyon Lake High Schools. League DVRs include Jerrie Champlin, Peggy and Chili  Ornelas, Jenny Ayala, Joyce Doyle, Lily Barucky, Mary Williams, Marilyn Arehart, Jensie Madden, Betty Colley, Burnham Jones, and Lynn Geyer and League friend Ada Conlan. They will have donated more than 45 volunteer hours to the effort.


The next opportunity to register voters in Tuesday, Sept 25. National Voter Registration Day. Contact Robin Engel at if you want to participate.



  LWV-Comal Area Polo Shirts are now Available 


The new LWV-Comal Area polos have arrived! In the photo at the top of the page, Chili Ornelas is wearing the blue and Peggy Ornelas the white polo.  The shirts are also available in red. Offered in men's and women's sizes, the shirts have the League logo embroidered on the left front and on the right sleeve.  A few in limited sizes are available now and we will take orders for others.  The cost is  $25 for Small, Medium, Large & XL; $26 for XXL and $27 for XXXL.  The shirts run true to size so order your size.

Show your League pride and get your shirt today!   For more information or to buy or order a shirt, please email me  at

Gloria Suarez Sasser


Help Us Grow on Social Media
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The Education Fund and You


The LWV-Comal Area Education Fund is used for projects that educate our members and the public. Unlike membership dues and general donations to LWV-CA, donations to this fund are tax deductible.  To ensure that your ED Fund donation is tax deductible, please follow these simple steps:

1.)    Make the check out to the LWV-Texas Education Fund.

2.)    On the memo line write: LWV-Comal Area

3.)    Only make the check for the amount you want to go to the Ed Fund

4.)    Do not include funds for dues or any other item that must stay in the LWV-CA account

5.)    Mail your check to: LWV-Comal Area, P.O. Box 311324, New Braunfels, Texas 78131

We will it to LWV-Texas along with the proper transmittal form to ensure that it is logged into our Ed Fund account properly.  If you have any questions, please contact me at 

Thank you for your donation and helping to EMPOWER VOTERS  and DEFEND DEMOCRACY.

Gloria Suarez Sasser


League Regional Workshop on County Authority


On Saturday, August 4, about 30 representatives from the Leagues that represent the Hill Country (Austin Area, Comal Area, Hayes, Hill Country, and the San Antonio Area) met to plan an advocacy campaign aimed at getting the Texas State Legislature to pass legislation which would give limited land use authority to designated Hill Country counties with the approval of the voters. 


Annalisa Peace, a member of the league’s San Antonio-area chapter and executive director of Greater Edwards Aquifer Alliance, described the situation as “loving the Hill Country to death.” She said previous attempts in the Texas legislature to give counties more authority have failed. “Now is the time to ask our state legislators to support new legislation to give our counties more tools to manage growth.”


The first step in the advocacy plan is to educate our members and the voters in the respective counties.  Comal has already held several events and other Leagues were urged to do the same.  Jensie Madden, Comal League member and Texas League issue chair for land use, offered to speak at forums with Annalisa.


Leagues were urged to contact their local commissioners to find out their views on having more authority to manage growth.  Later in the fall we will be asking the Commissioner's Courts for resolutions which we can use with the legislators.  


The Comal League looks forward to working with our fellow local Leagues in a regional effort of education and advocacy.


The website includes this resource page on County Authority.

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