Happy Birthday, Internet 

Do you remember NOT having to check your email? Or NOT being able to use a mouse to put something in a shopping cart? How about NOT having an answer to just about everything (not necessarily the RIGHT answer)?

Maybe you love it, maybe you hate it, but the advent of the Internet changed your life and the world as we know it. Take a look at this PC mag article, which includes a link where you can see how the Internet worked back in the '90s. 


We added a bit o' Green to this newsletter. It's our way to celebrate St. Patty's Day. We wouldn't want you to reach through your screen and pinch us. Ouch. 


Thanks for taking the time to check out our newsletter. This week we take some time running with Gary, teaching young folks how to start investing, and finally, we wrap up with the heavy duty Monthly Market Monitor. 





Flexibility vs. Pain

As we continue along the marathon-prepping journey with Gary, he makes a few points about attempting to force something to happen-- it usually ends up setting you back. 

Part 6: Let Time Be on Your Side

Part 7: Rolling with the Changes


Kid Stuff?

 Know somebody in their 20s or 30s who thinks planning for retirement is for "old fogies?" After you scold them for disrespecting their elders, make sure you let them know they are in the prime time  of their lives--to start investing.

Monthly Market Monitor


For those who really want to do their research, we offer the Eaton Vance Monthly Market Monitor in this newsletter each month. You can also find it on our website, along with our other documents.


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