Republican Governor Chris Christie is not allowed to cash in by writing a book while he is in office, so he trying to bribe lawmakers with a $30,000 increase in each one's allocation for staff salaries. And it looks like they are going to change the law to let him do it!

Political insiders cannot agree to put a $15 minimum wage referendum on the ballot next year, but they seem able to rush through a book deal to benefit Christie — whose family income was $913,000 in 2015. 

Christie has already gotten away with his criminal Bridgegate antics, being absent from the state for most of two years while he ran for president & vetoing minimum wage increases. As a Democratic candidate for governor, I pledge to oppose the re-election of any lawmaker who votes to change the law for Governor Christie!

Tell John Wisniewski, Phil Murphy and  anyone else seeking the Democratic nomination for governor to join me in opposing a back door pay hike for the Republican governor by declaring that they too will not support any lawmaker who votes for a Christie book deal benefit. 

Lisa McCormick