Temple Beth Miriam E-lijah for October 23

The TBM Nominating Committee Needs You!

Each year, a nominating committee is formed to re-nominate board members whose terms are expiring, and to nominate new members to the board of trustees of Temple Beth Miriam.  The nominating committee is composed of 5 members; (3) are existing board members, and (2) are members of the temple community in good standing.  There will be two meetings, at least one of which will be via Zoom. The goal is to come up with potential board members to lead TBM and provide the guidance necessary to remain relevant during these changing times.  

A meeting date has not yet been scheduled, but will occur during the month of October.  
If you are interested in serving on the committee, or being considered to join the board, please contact:

Harry Silverman

Theology Class
Theology class meets every week on Wednesdays at 10 am (on Zoom for now in room 589-198-4173 p/w 181818).  We are just finishing the book 'The Tragedy Test' and will begin a new book 'Sin-a-gogue: Sin and Failure in Jewish Thought.'  These classes are always engaging and the discussions very lively and enlightening.  Everyone is welcome to join us.  If you wish, you can get the book from this link

Talmud Class
Talmud study has resumed.  We are continuing our study of Masechet Brachot, the part of the Talmud that is primarily interested in blessings, prayers and the traditions around them.  Everyone is welcome to join us each Sunday morning  at 8 AM that there is Religious School in Zoom room 589-198-4173 p/w 181818.  You can get the volume from Amazon (Brachot, vol. 1) from this link or go to Artscroll and download the app to your Kindle and purchase the book through the app.  Everyone is welcome
Thank you for your donations:
Meryl Ledwitz: Rabbis Fund in memory of Alberta Raulerson, the beloved mother of Annie Raulerson
Naomi Brodbar: Rabbis Fund
Kim McConnell and Mark Flamendorf: Rabbis Fund in appreciation for the stimulating and meaningful classes several times a week.

Mr. & Mrs. Samuel Fromkin
Richard Agism
Lisa Angeles
Harry & Sharon Silverman
Danielle DelCuore
Drs. Jeffrey & Ann Daniels
Dr Robert & Maureen Berman
Mr. Harris & Dr. Mary Lee Bass
Mr. & Mrs. Richard Berger
Donald Pingitore
Mrs. Marilyn Ancona
Mitchell & Mary Newmark
Roberta Newman
Mark and Kathy Cohen
Dr. Martin & Mrs. Judith Steinweiss
Mrs. Toby Stevens
Mr. Earl & Dr. Susan Moore
Francine Cohen
Mr. & Mrs. Marvin Steinberg
Drs. Matthew and Rita Tangorra
Paul Goldberg
Kevin and Erica Brown
Dr. Roy & Grace Dressner
Judith Rubinstein
Michael Novick
Gillman,Carolyn Gillman
Mr. & Mrs. Malcolm Deener
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Wagenheim
Dr. Stuart & Mrs. Ronni Lippsett
Mr. & Mrs. Robert Raskin
Rabbi Brooks & Andrea Susman

Wendy Sloter
Mr. & Mrs. Alan Salowe
Mr. & Mrs. Brian Gillet
Mr. & Mrs. Paul Feinberg
Dr. Gary & Lois Pess
Theodore and Nydia Panis
Roy Bernstein
Mrs. Paula Adler
Elise Feldman
Dr. Joel Goldstein
David Nussbaum & Laurie MacAruthur
Dr. Erwin Tepper
Corryn Warner
Joel and Susan Kreizman
Robert & Prof Ilene Skolnick
Mr. & Mrs. Jay Van-Wiemokly
Mr. & Mrs. David Schatzow
Michael and Marian Gross
Marilyn and Thomas Block
Mr. & Mrs. Michael Lifton
Dr. Bruce & Mrs. Judith Berg
Dr. Lawrence & Pamela Dobrin
Mr. & Mrs. Erik Librader
Dr. Aaron & Barbara Prestup
Ms. Elaine Espey
Missy Peck
Edward Lefkowitz
Irwin Hader
Alvin & Amy Goldman
Barbara Feldman
Mr. & Mrs. Steven Friedman
Mr. & Mrs. Harold Hodes
October 23

Eric Davis
Harold Morgan
Aubrey  Robinson
Harry (Hank) Strauss
Harry Tucker
Meyer Gross
Michael Seinfeld
Abraham Neimark
Samuel Nussbaum
Anna Richlin
Mattie Rosenberg
Nancy Allman
Pauline Gerber
Alvin Heimlich
Harold  Rubin   
Sebastian Vacarro
Lowell Landberg
Mildred Bennett
Seymour Berkowitz
Helen Daniels
Fred Hader
Arthur  Hecht
Joseph Kirshbaum
Joshua Neimark
John Schaffer
Gertrude Gelb
Martin Gray
Alexander Grieco
Zizi Hananel
Morris May
Millie Rubenstein
John Shaffer
Allen Schnur
David Doctorow
October 30
Amanda Feldman
Joe Ross
Benjamin Berkowitz
Hattie Cohen
Michelle Lefkowitz
Morris Lubin
Evelyn Berger
Allen Feldman
Rose Garland
Isaac Greenman
Manny Grossman
Samuel Morse
Sara Sopenoff
Molly Fromkin
Rose Horowitz
Milton Strauss
Clara Bergman
Pauline Bloch
Max Freeman
Bernard Gartenberg
Jenny R. Hershoff
Ann Hodes
Louis Holzman
Benjamin Lubin
Della Moser
Hyman Negin
Vickie Zieve
Max Kasoff
Desiderio Schwab
Samuel Slotkin
Terry Berke
Beverly Levine
Miriam Singer
President Barry Edison  eyedocbarry@gmail.com
Rabbi Cy Stanway rabbi@bethmiriam.org 
Cantor Marnie Camhi cantor@bethmiriam.org 
Religious School Principal Stella J. Stanway 
Administrator George Korbelak tbmoffice@bethmiriam.org
Youth Group Stella Stanway  stellastanway@bethmiriam.org
Religious School Board Wendy Sloter redheadwjs@comcast.net 
Building Superintendent Rosy Franceschy 732-762-4335 
House Committee Keith Kaplan kpkaplan@icloud.com
Invesments Harry Silverman hjsilverman@optonline.net 
Membership Steve Silver steve.silver@gmail.com 
Sisterhood Point Persons Debbie Gerbman dgerbman@comcast.net 
Cindy Singer cinsing@aol.com 
Relig. Pract. Sharon Silverman  shari4h@gmail.com

Social Action/Social Justice Phil Falcone pffalcone@gmail.com
Immediate Past President Harry Silverman hjsilverman@optonline.net
Men’s Club Alvin Goldman alvingoldm@aol.com 
Danielle Delcuore danielledelcuore@yahoo.com 
Brian Gillet gilletbg@optonline.net 
Alvin Goldman alvingoldm@aol.com 
Lori Goldstein lgoldstein83@verizon.net 
Kara Zappacosta karazappacosta@gmail.com
Don Pingitore kg2nv@optonline.net
Rebecca Levin rlreb8@gmail.com 
Patricia Shapiro patshapirorn@aol.com 
Sharon Silverman shari4h@gmail.com
Sandra Maseda Perez sandyreym@gmail.com
Chase Kaplan kaplanstudios@mac.com
Roy Dressner rdres@optonline.net
Peter Grayson 
Fred Eckhaus fielaw@gmail.com