Welcome to the first DOC Newsletter of the Fall 2016 Season. 

These newsletters will be sent bi-weekly and are filled with information to help support all coaches within DS Soccer Club. We are hugely appreciative of all you do and the club would not function without the support of all our volunteer coaches.

Myself and the Coaching team are here to help provide support and assistance. If you would like us to come and support one of your sessions, or you have questions about curriculum, or are looking for some ideas, please don't hesitate to let us know. All contact information is at the bottom of this newsletter. 
Less Voices Please......

Please make sure that all your families are aware of the expectations in side line behavior. See below the signs that we have on all DS Soccer fields. It is so important that we are providing a supportive and enjoyable environment for our players. 

This can also come from the coaching sidelines as well. When we have coaching teams of 3 coaches, it is REALLY IMPORTANT that you have set roles within your coaching team, and we do not have too many voices instructing players on the field. When young players are getting instructions from so many different directions they just switch off and ignore all noise. 

If you have a specific instruction for a player, you can pull them off and talk to them on the sideline in a calm, and relaxed manor. Screaming instructions to children on the field will not aid any development. 
Game Management

A really important part of DS Soccer Club is ensuring our players are having a positive experience, and creating a love for soccer. Running up the score for or against any team does not help create this environment for players. Sometimes the reaction I get from coaches and players is that "other teams do it against us". I completely agree and understand that other towns do this against us, however, we still stand by our values and have to remember the game is about the children! Thats why we do this. 

See below some help on how to keep the scores down in games. Once a game gets to     5-0 this is when you should start thinking about this things.
How to stop scoring....
Coaching Resources 

Curriculum is there to help all coaches and provide ideas. All curriculums are progressive and go through the key fundamentals throughout the 10 week season. 
DSSC Coaching Curriculum
Coach FX
Suggested Formations 
7v7  - (1)- 2-1-2-1 
1 Goalkeeper
2 Defenders
1 Center Mid
2 Wing Backs
1 Forward
9v9 - (1)- 3-1-3-1
1 Goalkeeper
3 Defenders
1 Holding Midfielder
1 Attacking Midfielder
2 Wide Midfielders
1 Forward

11v11 - (1) - 4-1-4-1
1 Goalkeeper 
4 Defenders
1 Holding Midfielders 
2 Center Midfielders
2 Wide Midfielders
1 Forward 
Boston Breakers Visit Laurel Farm 

As part of the clubs partnership with the Boston Breakers, we had two Breakers players visit Laurel Farm this week. The players signed lots of balls, cleats and jerseys! 
DS Night at the Revs 
Save the date - 10/23 4:00pm.
More information to follow......
Club Appreciation Night 

Put date in your calendars.......11/17. The Dover Legion. 7pm. 
Dover Sherborn Soccer Club - GPS Coaching Team 
Charlotte Phillips - Director of Coaching 

Tommaso Trevisan - Assistant Director of Coaching