Action Alert
Open Space, Farmland,
& Historic Preservation

New Jersey residents and environmentalists have a chance at two big wins this summer,  your Senator needs to hear from you on both of these issues.

Governor Christie has twice vetoed legislation to implement the voters will and distribute openspace, farmland, and historic preservation funds constitutionally dedicated by voters on the
November 2014 ballot. The NJ Senate, however, has scheduled a vote on Monday to over-ride the Governor’s veto.

Please call your senator now, below is suggested script.
(Not sure who your State Senator is?  You can find them here.)

"Hi, it’s ___ from [insert name of hometown], and I need your help. Governor Christie recently vetoed a bill that would have ensured money dedicated to preserving green open space is used 
protect our lands. Instead of preserving our wildlife and environment, he's using the money to fill holes in the budget. The Senate is voting on this bill on Monday to override the Governor’s veto to protect these funds and our open space.  Voters in New Jersey elected to set aside money to protect our natural environment, and the Governor is ignoring the will of the people. That’s just not right. I want [insert name of legislator you are calling] to support the Open Space veto override and protect critical land preservation projects.”

Stop Rollback in Flood Hazard Protection Rules

The NJ Assembly passed the continuing resolution to block Governor Christie’s rollbacks of the Flood Hazard Area Protection Rules.
The State Senate, however, is the last and final vote needed, and they have yet scheduled a vote on it. Please take one minute to make two phone calls to:

              1. Senate President Sweeney (856) 251-9801
              2. Your State Senator  

Not sure who your State Senator is?   You can find them here.

Ask them to, 
“Please support SCR66, the final step in overriding rollbacks to flood protections in NJ, by scheduling it for a vote.”

New Jersey Highlands Coalition strongly supports SCR66/ACR160 to block Governor Christie’s NJDEP from rolling back the Flood Hazard Area Protection rules that protect our waterways and our communities
from worsening impacts of flooding.  Despite a full Legislative vote in opposition earlier thisyear, the NJDEP is still moving ahead with their proposal to rollback protections.

According to NJ’s Constitution, a second full vote by the Legislature will affirmatively block the rollbacks. 

The NJDEP rollbacks in the Flood Hazard Area Protection Rules would:

  • INCREASE allowable construction in our stream buffers putting more people and property at risk.
  • DECREASE buffer protections to our waterways, allowing more pollution to flow into our streams, rivers, and other drinking sources.
  • WEAKEN oversight on the permitting process in environmentally sensitive areas.
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