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2020 Roundup!

What a challenging year it has been; a pandemic that continues to spiral, a staggering downturn in the economy, racial and social injustice, protests, a shift to remote work and learning, and more.  However, what remains positive is the Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester’s steadfast commitment to the members and families of the Club.  And it would not be possible without your support. Please enjoy some of our highlights from 2020!

4th Annual Casino Night
February 2020

What an amazing event! Little did we all know that this would be our only in-person event for all of 2020. Shortly after this event, COVID-19 took our country by storm and had all of us in quarantine which led us to shutting our Club down for months. Our staff and members take joy looking back at this event and we are tremendously grateful for all our sponsors and for those who attended this event!
Family Food Program
Early April 2020 - Present

The Club started a Family Food program in early April to help families stretch their food budgets while they tackled the maze of unemployment benefits and financial effects by workplace closures and layoffs.  The program continues to be a true lifesaver for many. The Club thanks every donor who has contributed to our Family Food Program. This allows us to ensure our families are not worried about their next meal as this pandemic rolls on.
Jaedan's World​​​​​​​
June 2020

Jaedan Booker, a member at the Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester, has taken working from home to a whole new level. Jaedan has been a member of the Club for 3 years and has a passion for art. Jaedan’s love for the arts began at the age of 4, starting with music. As a child, Jaedan was nonverbal, he would use beats and sounds to communicate. As he began to mature, so did his talents. He started drawing a Feelings Chart as a way to communicate with his family and how he felt. Jaedan would put great detail in the expressions, and his family realized he had an extraordinary gift, despite – or thanks to – his autism disorder. 

Recently, Jaedan has finalized his own art brand with Imprintable Ink Solutions. “Jaedan’s World” is on its way to a website browser near you, where you will be able to purchase t-shirts with his designs on them. Due to COVID-19, the website has been delayed a bit but will be ready to go when things get back to normal!
Culinary Camp with New York Kitchen!
July 2020

Over the summer, our Club members had the opportunity to continue the partnership with New York Kitchen in Canandaigua. During their time spent there, they were taught different cooking techniques, meals, and teamwork to successfully make a gourmet meal! The Club extends a sincere thank you to MaryBeth and the team at NY Kitchen for their continued support of helping our young individuals become great chefs!
Virtual Schooling
September 2020

This September, our Club opened our doors for our members who attend Rochester City School District Schools as they went strictly virtual. The Club has shifted from traditional after school programming to a robust remote learning center, remaining focused on ensuring our kids succeed academically.  Program areas have morphed into small group pop-up classrooms, with safety shields, proper mask-wearing and respecting the six-foot social distancing rule, frequent handwashing, and daily disinfecting.  Staff and volunteers help members with remote learning and homework Monday through Friday, from 8 am – 5 pm.
Computer Lab Donation
September 2020

On behalf of the Board of Directors, and most importantly on behalf of our hundreds of Boys & Girls Clubs of Rochester members, we thank Kevin and Stacey Morgan and their children for their meaningful and timely donation. Their commitment to fund an upgrade to our computer lab to be COVID-19 compliant facilitated virtual learning for our members in a safe and welcoming environment. The Morgans’ gift resulted in a significant upgrade to the Club’s technology. Indeed, the lack of up-to-date technology was identified as a significant obstacle to the Club’s effort to implement a more structured learning paradigm that would effectively support both students and parents when schools reopen. The Morgans’ donation replaced slow-moving processors, broaden Internet access, and supplied much needed additional monitors.
October 2020

The Club had a nice twist on a normal school day this October. We invited our members to complete their school day while dressed up in their Halloween costumes. When school was over, we had a roller skating party with a DJ, Halloween snacks, and much more! It was quite spooky!

Thanksgiving Meals
November 2020

The Club is extremely grateful and blessed for our partnership with Harris Beach PLLC. They donated Thanksgiving for 30 of our Club families. Also, Premium Mortgage Corporation donated 100 Wegman's gift cards to help our families purchase their holiday meal. Your commitment to our Club is immensely appreciated. Thank you!
Club Christmas Celebration
December 2020

In these tough and uncertain times, the Rochester community came together as one to ensure each kid received a gift this Christmas. To make this event successful, it takes countless people and generosity and that is what makes this event one we look forward to each year! Each member received a holiday cookie, puzzle, and a gift that fit within their age range!
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