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Volume 4 Issue 7
July 2011

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Getting Players to Spread Out
Coaching Etiquette
Confidence is King!
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In this month's issue:

Ever wonder how to get your players to spread out? Adrian Parrish provides great coaching techniques in his article below. Brian Gotta discusses "coaching etiquette." And, new contributor, Dr. Chris Stankovich's article, "Confidence is King" is a must-read for all athletes and parents of athletes.

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Getting Players to Spread Out
Adrian Parrish
By Adrian Parrish

Whenever I conduct a coach education course, one of the most popular questions I am asked by the candidates attending is, "How can I make my team spread out? They are always bunched up and follow the ball." Read Article
Bus Bank

The Easy Way to Charter a Bus

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Brian GottaCoaching Etiquette
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

As a coach of a youth sports team, there will be situations when you clearly have the game in hand and it is time to "call off the dogs," to avoid embarrassing the opponent. And there may be occasions when you find yourself on the wrong end of a blowout. When a coach doesn't seem to know or care that he's allowing his team to pile on, the result can be frustration, hurt feelings and anger. Read Article

Ultimate Fundraiser
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Dr. Stankovich

Confidence is King!

by Dr. Chris Stankovich

With the fall seasons approaching, Dr. Chris Stankovich provides his advice for young athletes wanting to reach their full potential, gain confidence in their abilities, and have fun playing. Read Article

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