Free Mindfulness and Meditation Sessions
Open to the Public
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 April 12
Every second Thursday of every month
7:15 pm to 8:30 pm  
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Come join us every second Thursday of the month
 in a calm refuge, tucked away in the woods, to relax, unwind and learn the art of mindful living

This offering is available both to those new to mindfulness and also to experienced practitioners who wish to deepen their practice.
Everybody is welcome, regardless of background or religion!​​​

The Format​​​​​​​
​​​​​​​We will gather in the Kol Shalom Sanctuary - Directions below.  We will start with a short guided mindfulness meditation, also called Vipassana or Insight Meditation. Then Monica will offer a few reflections on the topic of the day, and we will end with a 20 minute guided meditation related to the topic of the night.
No reservations needed for adults. 

Mindfulness for young people, ages 6 to 13, will be available for the children of the parents attending the adult session. Cindy is a mindfulness certified teacher. She will introduce the children to mindfulness, guide them in the practice of mindfulness, and engage them in mindfulness activities.

These mindfulness based practices are geared towards deepening awareness of self and others, and inspiring discernment in decision making, which leads to healthier, wiser and happier choices. The children's session will be held in the Kol Shalom School, on the premises adjacent to the sanctuary.  
Space is limited to 20 children
Reserve your child's spot HERE 
Notice: Cindy is traveling. Her next Mindfulness for Children class at Kol Shalom will be on Thursday, May 10th. 
Through a talk and guided meditations, Monica will introduce participants to mindfulness tools, a research based, life - changing practice that people can use to access their own inner resources to respond more effectively to stress, anxiety, pain, and illness, as well as cultivating joy, ease, and an overall sense of well-being
Mindfulness for Adults 
Monica Jordan
Johns Hopkins University
Monica is committed to tailoring strategies for bringing mindfulness into everybody’s unique life experience. Regardless of the circumstances that we are surrounded by, we can always tap into our inner power, and develop emotional......... Read more
You can view Monica's experience and education history here
Benefits of Mindfulness
* Increased concentration, mental clarity, memory and resilience 
* Reduced anxiety, brain chatter and stress
* Enhanced well-being, peacefulness, energy, vitality and compassion
* Befriending unpleasant emotions 
* Shifting from autopilot to conscious living, and much more........ ​​​​​​​

Mindfulness for Children 
Cindy Dawn Edwards
Cindy has been practicing mindfulness and meditation for more than 20 years and began sharing it with children when her own daughter was born in 2006. Her love for kids radiates and her nurturing energy and playful spirit creates a safe and fun environment for all ages. Cindy is a Certified Mindfulness Instructor with Mindful Schools and the Owner of Harmonious Kids......... Read more 

Kol Shalom
 1909 Hidden Meadow,  Annapolis,
MD 21401.
Cancellations for inclement weather will be posted here by 5:00 pm 
Please, remember
  • To turn off or mute your cell phones before entering the sanctuary
  • If possible, not to wear perfume as some people can be allergic to it 
  • It is fine if you arrive late. Just sit in the back until the meditation is over

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