Volume 10, Issue 7
July, 2017
Greetings from CoachDeck!

We'd all like to believe that our volunteer coaches will also become "volunteer students". That they'll study lesson plans and a curriculum that we provide for them. The truth is that more often than not they show up at practice straight from work without a clue what they will do that day. With CoachDeck they've got 52 excellent drills that can all be made into fun games kids love, and a tool to help them succeed!

In this issue:
Even players who don't aspire to be ODP (Olympic Development Players) can learn from Tom Turner's insight. Brian Gotta believes there is much more we need to do as parents and coaches than worry about trophies. And Craig Sigl returns with terrific insight on the psychology driving young athletes.

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What Makes and ODP Player?
By Too Turner

Many young soccer players are probably wondering what it takes to become an "elite" player at the State Regional or even National ODP level. While some players have good technical skills, others have speed, and still others can kick the ball a long way or are strong in the air. Is it any one thing, which makes a player get noticed? Read Article
So What if Everyone Gets a Trophy?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Anyone following youth sports has noticed a groundswell of sarcasm and criticism online and in the media about leagues that give out trophies to every kid, just for playing. The general consensus seems to be that this teaches them the poor lesson that they will be rewarded even if they didn't earn anything. My thought is that we're focusing on the wrong thing.:Read Article

Identity Building
By Craig Sigl

I had a conversation with a sports dad who was asking my advice about how he should advise his 9th grade son regarding choosing what sport to play in an upcoming school year. His son isn’t the typical sports kid, no,he is one of those rare kids who is just a natural athlete and excels at everything. Read Article​