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Issue 3 Volume 6
June 2010
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Hello from CoachDeck!

It's that time of year again when we start ramping up for that big fall season! Planning an upcoming coaches meeting? Imagine how delighted your volunteers will be if you were to hand them a CoachDeck to serve as a confidence-builder and a thank-you for all the hard work they're about to put in. Hundreds of organizations around the country are using CoachDeck and the feedback we get is outstanding! Contact us at for more information on our volume discount pricing.

The CoachDeck community is growing, and we want you to be a part. Take a look at Tom Turner's article on basic coaching essentials and give us your thoughts. Also, we all know what a challenge it can be to keep kids busy during the summer months. Do you have any secrets you can share? Or do you believe the summer is meant for relaxation and that it does kids good to be a little "lazy" this time of year? Weigh in on the discussion here.

And finally, the World Cup has stirred the emotions in all of us. From the performance of Team USA to the officiating, to the acting performances players give to incite foul calls, there has been plenty of controversy. What is your take? You can join our discussion on Facebook and let us know.

This is a great time to start thinking about fundraising for the fall. The folks at Help Kids Play will be glad to discuss great solutions that allow you to raise big money with little effort. And, is your insurance up-to-date? Call the folks at K & K Insurance for an assessment today! You have nothing to lose, and peace-of-mind to gain!

Enjoy this issue of On Deck, and thank you for all you do for youth soccer.
Coaching Tips: Contacting the BallTom Turner
By Tom Turner

How many ways can your player kick, dribble or control the ball? Part one of two provides coaches with great food for thought and practice tips to make sure your players are proficient and well-rounded. Read Article
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Brian GottaKeeping Kids Busy During the Summer
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

It's summer and that means that athletic kids who would usually be filling their days with school, then afternoon or evening sports, then homework, now have a lot more free time on their hands. What are some creative ways you've found to keep your kids busy and active during the summer? Read Article
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Weigh in on the World Cup Donovan
The World Cup is unmatched in its ability to captivate the world and provide thrills and stunning highlights. This tournament has also delivered its share of controversy. Did Team USA exceed expectations, or disappoint? And should FIFA institute instant replay? Join the discussion and let us know what you think by leaving your comments on our blog or our Facebook page!
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