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Chef Talk on Saturday

Saturday November 6

Carrie Carpenter and Kat Robinson

Our bakers will demonstrate and sample savory and sweet tarts for fall and Thanksgiving.

They will show you several delectible crusts and

10am in the Hayloft.

KAt and Carrie
Kat and Carrie
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Thanksgiving Ordering On-line
For some, it's a welcome challenge to put holiday dinners together, whether it's the first family Thanksgiving, or the 50th.
For others, circumstances don't allow for perfect planning and execution. Wherever you fall on the spectrum though, we can help!
Our kitchen staff prepares everything from soups to sides to desserts and pies, and the best part is you can order them online to pick up on Tuesday the 23rd or Wed the 24th.
Let us take some of the stress out of your Thanksgiving celebration.
Spend more time with your family and less time in the kitchen!

Click here to place your order on-line!

And while we don't cook them, you can order your fresh, all natural Bell and Evans Turkey with this order form, too!

Fall Means Apples
There's a plethora of apples at this time of the year. Every day, someone asks "What kind of apple is best for baking?" or "What's a good eating apple?" Our supplier, Carlson Orchards, in Harvard, MA offers the following information about each type of apple that we carry.
Jonagold: A blend of Jonathan and Golden Delicious apples, Jonagold offers a unique honey-tart flavor, and crispy, juicy nearly yellow flesh. With a yellow-green base skin color and a red-orange blush, it is excellent both for eating fresh and for cooking.
This excellent variety is a cross between McIntosh and Jersey Black. It is a superior eating apple with just the right snap as you bite into it. Very crisp and very juicy, this apple is the prized eating apple here in the orchard.
This honey of an apple has a honeyed, mild flavor and a crispness deemed explosive. Crispy, juicy and sweet, this popular newcomer is a cross between a Macoun and a Honeygold. Honeycrisp's skin is a distinctive mottled red over a yellow background, with coarse flesh. This apple is good for snacking, salads and sauce-making, and stores well.
Juicy, tangy, & tart, McIntosh has a tender white flesh. It is best used for snacking and applesauce, but some people enjoy its tart flavor in pies as well. (Cook's hints: McIntosh's flesh cooks down easily; if pie making, cut your slices thick or add a thickener).
Golden Delicious:
Goldens have a pale yellow skin, sometimes with a red blush. Mellow and sweet, all-purpose Goldens are great for eating out of hand, baking and salads. Golden's crisp, pale yellow flesh resists browning, making it a good choice for salads and other dishes. Cooks, note that you can reduce the amount of added sugar when making pies with Goldens.
This crisp, juicy apple has a delightful sweet-tart flavor and creamy white flesh, making it a good all-purpose apple.
Open Every Day
Seven Days a Week
Remember to turn your clocks back one hour on Saturday night!
Farm-Fresh Eggs!
We've added a new crop to the line-up...Our 100 chickens that came to us in Feburary are producing eggs now! They're doing so well we just added 100 more! Farm Fresh eggs are great for holiday omelets, souffles and for any kind of baking!
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Apple Crisp!
All this talk of apples makes me want to have Apple Crisp! If you have a mind to make your own, click here for Mj's recipe. Or if you don't have time, try one of the delicious mixes in our market!

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