Summer+Beach+Family= Picnics!
We put the 'Perfect' in Provisioning!
Our deli case is chock full of beautiful salads! Need something special for a special backyard soirée? Call us at 508.228.9403
to speak with someone!
We are number one at preparing picnic foods. Think fresh salads, toasted sandwiches made to order, freshly made dips, spreads for on the go eating, whether you're headed out on bikes, to the beach or boat! Check out our lunch offerings here
We make entertaining a snap with all of our great breakfast, lunch, takeout catering, and dessert options as well as our famous lobster dinners.
Call in for pick up a hot,
delicious dinner available weeknights starting at 4 pm.
'Summer Picnics; A Nantucket Tradition' 
Since my early 20s, I have been a part of a special group of friends here on Nantucket.'
- Leah shares her recipe for the perfect beach picnic,
Farm Grown Update-Corn is In!
We just can't get enough of these beautiful field shots that Keegan Bartlett has been providing for the Farm Dirt. Pictured above, is a crop of corn which has reached "Tassel Stage". Tassel stage begins when the last branch of the tassel is visible, but silks have not yet emerged Tassels normally appear 2-3 days before silk emergence. The tassels produce the pollen that pollinate the ears so they can form the kernels. Pollen shed typically occurs in the morning or evening.
“Silking stage” begins when the silk is visible outside the husk . Pollen falls onto the silks to potentially fertilize the ovules. Each ovule can produce an individual kernel. If corn doesn't tassel, it can't produce any edible ears, whether the corn is sweet or flint.
Field Tomatoes are ripening up almost ready!
Look for those this week or next 
Greens, greens and more greens! Gorgeous, peppery certified organic arugula, pictured above. 
Field Flowers are Flowing...
Single bunched varieties and Lilies arrive in the Market at 10 am. Mixed bunches arrive around 3 PM each day. 
 Say 'Thanks!' with Gift Baskets
Gift baskets are a great way to thank you to your friends for that recent trip to Nantucket.  Perhaps your child is spending the week with their buddy on the beach and wants to show their gratitude to the family.  Maybe you just miss your loved ones and want them to know you’re thinking of them.  Whatever the reason, we have gift baskets for all occasions.  Check out our webstore for easy ordering of our favorite baskets.
If you are looking for something a little more personal, like this one, pictured above, that was put together for an artisan cheese lover with a new puppy named Bartlett, contact Kate and she can help you put together the perfect custom basket to suit your needs
Market Musings with MJ
"I do love me a countdown. Sometimes it feels as though I’m wishing the time away and I guess that at times, I am. At the beginning of the season, I count down the days 'til Labor Day (41.) I count down the days 'til corn (Yay! Done with that one!), and I count down the days 'til grand kids, friends or families arrive. 
My current countdown is for Carlson Peaches. Be on the lookout and stay tuned to
social media for updates!
One of the many perks of my job is getting to call around and chat with vendors and farmers about availability, harvest dates and the like.
photo by Umass Amhearst
A conversation with Frank Carlson from Carlson Orchards in Harvard, Mass is hands down, my favorite. He has a good, strong New England accent, he’s always informative and always entertaining.
If you haven’t had the pleasure of enjoying Carlson Orchard peaches or nectarines, you’re in for a treat. Juicy, sweet, drippy, heavenly goodness. As good a peach that there ever was! The season goes fast, and the peaches ripen quickly; much like the essence of summer, savor them them before they are gone! Imagine sitting on the beach, just out of the water, your hands a bit salty from the ocean...the most amazing peach you’ve ever had, with a hint of salt from your fingers.
If you managed to not devour every one whole, slice a few in half, brush with oil and leave, just a moment, on the grill. Serve them up with a scoop of ice cream, or enjoy with a glass of something bright and delicious. Our wine crew can help you find your new favorite. 
There are still a few secret spots for blueberries on island. A handful of the tiny, wild blues, plus a Carlson peach? That’s when you just want time to stand still.
Any minute now..."
-Maryjane Mojer, Store Manager
Garden Center 'Growings On'
'While common wisdom may say you shouldn’t plant in July and August…what it should say something is that you shouldn’t dig up or divide an existing plant or plant bare root in July and August.'
Click here to read all of Hilary's summertime planting tips!
Loads of pretty Orchids in the Greenhouse, as well as whimsical bonsai trees...
Fresh flower planters!
There are loads to choose from or create your own.
'Medium Bucket of Happiness'- $19.99
'Big Bucket of Happiness'- $24.99
And not happy enough?  
Try the Custom Super Bucket of Happiness!  $34.99
Updates on Reusable Bags
and Store Capacity
The state has recently lifted the ban on reusable grocery bags so we will once again be allowing customers to use their own bags.  They have also rescinded the order to limit occupancy in grocery stores to 40% of capacity.  The Bartlett family has decided  to maintain occupancy limits in our store to 50% capacity in an effort to allow for adequate social distancing.  We feel this is the best strategy for our employees and customers.  We will increase capacity when we feel it is safe and appears appropriate.  

We will continue to have the register outside under the tent for breakfast and lunch sandwich orders to help alleviate some of the wait time at the deli counter, as it seems to be working.

We are continuing to offer the 7 am – 8 am hour for over 60 shoppers only and curbside is still an option as well.
We thank you for your continued support and patience as we work through this unprecedented time in our history together.

-The Bartlett Family
Webstore Goodies 
If you aren’t familiar with our cookbooks, please check them out. Great recipes from Dorothy Bartlett, Hilary Newell, and so many others. Best tomato pie recipe ever.  Lots of great corn recipes
in our cookbooks as well.
ALL PROCEEDS of the sale of our pride sticker will be donated to @ackhighschool Gay Straight Alliance ⁠and ALL PROCEEDS of our Black Lives Matter sticker will be donated to our own African meeting house on Nantucket. 
This extra-large sweatshirt blanket makes a great gift no matter the season.  Use it on the beach, for a picnic or cuddle up with it on a cool night.  The compass design features various beaches around the island.  Available in Navy Heather. Measures 54″ x 84″.
Get Fishy with It!
Pairing wine and fish 101!  Check out this post to learn how to pair wines with seafood like a professional for your next ocean-themed meal. Click here to read it!
We're Hiring!
Check out all available Positions HERE!
Notice to our Curbside Shoppers
In order to continue to offer curbside pick up and support our online platform…We found it necessary to charge a small flat fee of $8 in order to help defray the cost of shopping the order and
providing the service. 
Farm Produce Truck Days, Times and Locations
Our Produce Truck is still going to town and 'Sconset on weekdays with fresh produce
and flowers
Main Street- 8:30 am to 1 pm, Mondays,
Wednesdays, Fridays
Siasconset Rotary- 8:30 am to 1 pm, Tuesdays, Thursdays, Saturdays