Volume 10, Issue 6
June, 2017
Greetings from CoachDeck!

It is all-star time for many leagues around the country! That means fun times and lifelong memories, but also often increased pressure and heighted tension from parents. Here is our All-Star Parent Checklist designed to help them keep perspective throughout the tournament.

In this issue: Ever wish for a formula for making out your lineup? Doug Bernier has some tips to be sure you maximize every player's ability. Brian Gotta offers advice to youngsters who may not have made this year's all-star team. And new contributor, Angela Weight, provides us with a humorous guide for how to (and not to) talk to our kids' coaches.

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Where You Fit in the Baseball Lineup
By Doug Bernier

A good hitting philosophy should definitely depend on what kind of hitter you are. Are you a player that hits for a lot of power, do you try to set the table and get on base for the middle of the lineup, can you run, are you a good situational hitter, can you hit to all parts of the field or do you mostly just pull the ball? Read Article
Didn't Make the All-Star Team? So What?
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Our local Little League has established a new tradition in the years since I served on its Board of Directors. At the beginning of June, lawns signs appear throughout the neighborhood honoring players who have been selected to this year's all-star team. I'm sure it's exciting for the kids who were chosen. But I feel badly for the ones who didn't get a signRead Article

Eight Proactive Strategies for Discussing a Problem with Your Kid’s Coach
By Angela Weight

I get a lot of messages from parents seeking advice on various dilemmas. Many of them end with “how do I talk to the coach about this?” (“This” is usually lack of playing time or some other perceived unfairness leveled against a player.) Read Article