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August 2017
Cynthia Matossian, M.D., F.A.C.S 
Refractive Cataract Surgery & Dry Eye
Ilya Rozenbaum, M.D.
Medical & Surgical Glaucoma,
Comprehensive Ophthalmology & Cataracts
Priya Desai, M.D., M.B.A
Medical & Surgical Glaucoma,
Comprehensive Ophthalmology & Cataracts
Sebastian Lesniak, M.D.
Medical & Surgical Cornea, PRK & LASIK, 
Cataract & Anterior Segment Surgery
Hilary Brader, M.D.
Medical & Laser Treatment of Retinal Diseases
Jeremy Aikey, D.O.
Medical & Surgical Retina
Paul Johnson, M.D.
Oculoplastics and Aesthetics
Jennine Lutz, O.D.
Complete Eye Care & Contact Lenses
Rebecca Posner, O.D.
Complete Eye Care & Contact Lenses
Hetal Diwan, O.D.
Complete Eye Care & Contact Lenses
Jennifer Viscusi, O.D.
Complete Eye Care & Contact Lenses
Travis Gabriel, O.D.
Complete Eye Care & Contact Lenses
Janine Disanti, O.D.
Complete Eye Care & Contact Lenses
Shelley Cutler, O.D.
Specialty and Hard-to-Fit Contact Lenses, Including Scleral Lenses and RGP
Errol Rummel, O.D., F.A.A.O.
Neuro-Optometric Rehabilitation & Low Vision
Lipiview aids in observing the source of potential dry eye condition.
Optomap offers digital views of the retina while eliminating the 
need for dilation. 
MEA has extended hours to make comprehensive 
eye exams easier

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Dr. Matossian participated in the Women In Ophthalmology (WIO) 2017 Summer Symposium in the following panels and roundtables:

  • The Ethics of Working with Industry
  • Learning to Say “No”

About WIO,
WIO encourages diversity, impartiality, economic parity, and strives to cultivate new opportunities for leadership, education and public service in the field of ophthalmology for ourselves and future generations.
Dr. Matossian (pictured 5th from the left) with her fellow
Women In Ophthalmology.
Dr. Matossian was interviewed during WIO on The Ethics of Working with Industry, discussing the navigation of industry relationships.
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Tearscience is offering a $50 treatment survey rebate from August 7th - September 30th for Lipiflow, the only FDA-cleared thermal pulsation treatment for MGD (meibomian gland dysfunction), the root cause of many dry eye symptoms.
More Information
Dr. Matossian was a featured panelist during "The Data Connection" as part of the Ophthalmology Technology Summit in Newport Beach, CA. 
A Reminder on Contact Safety
An unidentified 67-year-old woman in the UK was recently found to have nearly 30 contact lenses held together by mucus within her eye last November. The unidentified woman was experiencing a strange sensation in her right eye and assumed nothing was wrong and that it was just part of her changing body. At an appointment prior to her upcoming cataract surgery, doctors discovered the source of the sensation, 27 contact lenses!
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Diabetic Retinopathy: What You Need to Know
Diabetes is a disease that impairs the body’s ability to produce or respond to insulin. This results in an abnormal metabolism of carbohydrates and elevated levels of glucose in the blood. Elevated levels of glucose or high blood sugar over time can lead to diabetic eye disease.  
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Community Outreach
Matossian Eye Associates is active in the Mercer County, NJ and Bucks County, PA communities, offering complimentary vision screenings, information on eye health, and educational lectures.

Some of our recent appearances are below:
MEA Ophthalmic Technologist Joan Micucci, COMT spoke at Robbinsville Twp. Senior Center on "The Aging Eye."
Whats Happening at MEA

Salisbury University biology student, Morgon von Schmidt, recently shadowed Janine Disanti, OD, for a week in July to learn about the field of optometry.

Regarding her visit, Morgon stated, “The past few days I have spent with Dr. Disanti have been incredible....I cannot be more thankful for the experience and I look forward to many more days observing Dr. Disanti!"
A Personal Message From Dr. Lutz
Wow, I can't believe the summer is almost over and we are already in the midst of planning for the new school year. Spending time with the family was the focus this summer and we certainly had our fill. From family trips to the Jersey shore to spending time July 4th in Erie, Pennsylvania on the lake, we had a blast.

My girls are getting excited for the school year, beginning with our oldest, Hannah, who is getting ready to start 6th grade. It will be her first year of switching classes and subjects so she is a little nervous. In addition to school, she will be involved in extracurricular activities such as dance and cross country.

Hayley will be entering 4th grade and has already started practice for her travel soccer team.

Our youngest is probably the most excited to start her school experience in kindergarten this year. It’s a little bittersweet for us to now have all three in school full-time! One thing we have learned quickly is that they get old fast and you need to slow down and really enjoy the time together. The fall is always fun for us, filled with Penn State football games, hayrides, and Halloween parties!

I hope you enjoy your autumn as we will!
MEA is Active in a Variety of Clinical Studies 
 Post-Approval Study of the Tecnis® Toric IOL, Models ZCT300 and ZCT400 (we are actively looking for patients)

♦ Evaluate the Safety and Efficacy of Iontophoretic Dexamethasone Phosphate Ophthalmic Solution Compared to Prednisolone Acetate Ophthalmic Suspension (1%) in Patients with Non-Infectious Anterior Segment Uveitis (we are actively looking for patients)

♦ Pre-and Post-Operative Keratometry Measurements Post LipiFlow Treatment (we are actively looking for patients)

Ophthalmic Suspension Compared to PVP-Iodine and Placebo in the Treatment of Adenoviral Conjunctivitis (we are taking a short pause at the present time from enrolling patients)

♦ Ophthalmic Suspension Compared to Placebo in the Treatment of Bacterial Conjunctivitis (we are taking a short pause at the present time from enrolling patients)

 A retrospective cohort study of cataract surgery patients who received treatment with a Malyugin Ring vs. Omidria (this study is in the biostatistical analysis phase)

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Back Row - Sebastian Lesniak, MD; Ilya Rozenbaum, MD; and Priya Desai, MD, MBA.
Front Row - Rebecca Posner, OD; Hetal Diwan, OD; Cynthia Matossian, MD, FACS;
Hilary Brader, MD; Jennine Lutz, OD; and Jennifer Viscusi, OD.
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