PYO is ON! 
YUP! It's happening! PYO TOMATOES this Saturday! You know the drill... BEFORE leaving the house, remember to bring CASH and BAGS, BOXES, CRATES whatever you have to haul your tomatoes home! Then, park at the market and we will pick up the 'pickers' outside the playground area by hay ride! 
WE NEED YOU! To Join Our Team
We need Cashiers and Stockers through
 the end of the year or full time year round!  
Meat and Cheese Stocker FTYR

General stocker seasonal
Cashier FTYR
Cashier seasonal

Visit our Facebook Jobs page or click here to apply directly for the job you want. We look forward to hearing from you!
Make Bartlett's Your
Lunch Head Quarters
Between our  specialty sandwiches, hearty, delicious daily soups, completely CUSTOM breakfast and lunch sandwiches and now custom salads too, there is something for everyone! Plus our lunch table is back in the market, perfect for sharing a cup of coffee and a pastry with friends or enjoying lunch on those less-than-perfect weather days. 
Our beloved lunch specials started back up this week and we couldn't be happier!
Each weekday, we offer specialty salad and hot lunch special from 11 am until 2 pm. Want to know about the daily pastries, soups, lunch and dinner specials are ahead of time? 
Click Here to Join Our weekday Lunch Email: Bartlett's Daily Bites
A Hint of Fall on the Farm
Although we swear we are enjoying every last minute of summer, we are (admittedly) thrilled that farm grown pumpkins and gourds have arrived from the fields and now fill the Garden Center along side lush blooming mums, ornamental cabbage & peppers!
Guess the weight of your pumpkin and it's yours FREE!
•         Pick your pumpkin. One Pumpkin, one guess
•         Tell the cashier your official guess
•         Place the pumpkin on the scale
you must guess your pumpkins weight within 1/10th of a 1 lb. For pumpkins 30 lbs or more you must be within 1 lb 
•         Winners receive their pumpkin for free and get their name on the wall of fame!
Time for a 
Late Summer Clean Up
Let Blooming Creations revive your window boxes with gorgeous, late summer blooms and foliage. Hilary & her team are here everyday and can help you choose and plant your next design.
Plant Seeds Now?
Yes... You Read That Right
There’s still time to “grow your own” !!! There are many crops that grow quickly and harvest easily that can be sown in September.  Greens, turnips, & radishes all do well with cooler September nights.

Some crops are ready as quick as 35 days, like the Komatsuna and the Tokyo Market Turnip. Many more are ready between 45-60 days: Tatsoi, Joker Lettuce, Shanghai Baby Bok Choy just to name a few...
These crops can be sown now and harvested mid to late October. Some greens can be kept in cold frames into November or even December if the weather remains mild!
Also, this year we have seed Garlic!  Elephant and German Red. Plant garlic now for harvest next summer. Enjoy garlic scapes in spring or let them bloom for
some great color!

Farm Grown is Going Strong!
Peppers and tomatoes are still going strong, as are carrots and beets, broccoli and head lettuce. 

The next few weeks will bring the flavors of fall, with potatoes and winter squash just around the corner...
Have your cake & veggies too?
Basically Carrot Loaf Cake
Sweet Potato Cake Doughnuts with Maple Glaze
Heartbeet Chocolate Cake
Satisfy your craving to bake and  for healthy veggies with these great dessert recipes so good, you'd never know they were packed with nutrient-rich produce!
Kale & Apple Cake with Apple Icing
Carlson Orchards Apples
Arrive this Week!
Are You Ready for Some Football?

Get comfy because it's football season! Snacks, grilling gear, quality meats, great chips, dips, bbq sauces, and so much more grace our shelves in anticipation
of our favorite pastime! 
Back to School, Hold the Plastic
Get the kids (and yourself!) into the habit of bringing their own lunch containers and drink holders! We love these plastic bag alternatives, available in our gadget department!
A Great 'Thank You' Gift
is a Click Away
Need to say thank you to your hosts for a great stay? We deliver baskets on Island!
Lots of great gear and gift baskets available on our website! Click this link to see the goods!
Clothing Sale!
25% OFF Clothing!
 Hats, T-Shirts, Blankets, Everything!
As the nights get cooler, it’s great to have a cozy blanket to curl up with. Our over-sized sweatshirt blankets are perfect for the crisp fall nights! Send one to a new college student for those late night study sessions or grab one for a holiday gift. These blankets are one of our top sellers every year and we are getting down to the last of them, with just Crimson left in stock. Be sure to snag one now (at 25% off!) as they won’t be back until next season!
Save the Date
Click the Flyer to learn more and sign up!
Time to Sign Up for the 2nd Annual Run for Recovery!
Bring Us Your Bags for
Instant Good Karma
Karma aside, reusing bags is still a great way to reduce waste, so bring us those lightly used brown bags rather than sending them to the landfill.
Mother nature thanks you!
Save the Dates

9/14- PYO Tomatoes at Bartlett's 

9/29- Nantucket Island Run for Recovery 5k