Hope, Purpose and a Future ®


Teen Mother Choices International (TMCI) hosted over 100 people at the second annual gala on Friday, May 19, 2018 in Lincolnshire, Illinois. The theme
for the evening and the ministry focus is providing “HOPE, PURPOSE and a FUTURE” to teen moms and their children. The purpose of this event was to celebrate all that God has done through the ministry and to share the message with others, perhaps
for the first time! TMCI seeks to train and equip churches to bring Hope, Purpose and a Future® to teen moms and their children.

The program began with a message from Pastor Joel Sheeres. Joel serves as Senior Pastor of First Christian Reformed Church in Crown Point, IN. In 2016, Pastor
Sheeres was instrumental in bringing the Teen Mother Choices Program to his church. Joel provided attendees with a better understanding of what it means to
be a host church supporting a TMC Program.....


"No ministry can be effective, or stand the test of time,
without being faithfully supported by the prayers of
God’s people. We believe that is how TMC and TMCI have
been sustained for almost 3 decades and has impacted
the lives of thousands - and will have a generational
impact for decades to come!"

~ David Magnuson 

Please prayerfully consider becoming a financial partner with the ministry.


Teen Mother Choices Program Director,
Janell Rottier spoke at TMCI’s May 18th event

Janell shared how this ministry has personally impacted her life.

“This ministry (TMC Program) has taken a dream and turned it into a vision

and given me a God given purpose. It has helped me to see that this
serving ministry isn’t a reflection of me, but a reflection of Him. It has
shown me how to see these moms and to serve them well. It has given me
a HOPE when I was truly drowning; a PURPOSE to understand that even if I
am drowning His is my lifeline, and a FUTURE now to see a passion being
lived out. I can’t tell you why God chose me to lead teen moms. I didn’t
have a personal connection with teen moms before this. I grew up in a
healthy Christian home. I married a super awesome Christian guy and we
have 4 just as awesome kids.”

“My love for these moms is nothing short of God allowing me to see His
love for me. This love is not conditional on how many times I read the Bible
from cover to cover, how many Bible Studies I attend or making sure that I
pray at least 20 minutes every day. He just wants to know me and for me to
know Him!”

"TMC isn’t changing just the lives of these young moms;
they are changing the lives of volunteers including childcare and
meal providers, mentor moms and program directors.”


We are excited to announce the date of our 30th anniversary
celebration. Please mark your calendars for May 3, 2019!!!


We launched our Teen Mom App!

This app is available to teen moms around the globe. The purpose of the app is to provide inspirational messages and practical resources to teen moms.

Every morning a short, encouraging

devotional, including Bible verses is uploaded into the Teen Mom App.

The daily devotional message, inspirational music and videos offer hope and purpose to these young moms today. The app includes practical resources including links to Teen Mother Choices and other teen mom 
programs. There are also links to local churches, social service and crisis response organizations. 

The Future section of the app will include resources for planning and goal setting along with links to educational, financial and nutrition and fitness resources.

Download The App today!

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