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Issue 1 Volume 4 December 2008
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 Life Lessons   Rocky Harmon
By Coach Rocky Harmon

The phone rings. It is a soccer parent, and they have a complaint. It seems that Julie played only half of yesterday's game. And to make matters worse, the coach played her in defense instead of up front! My caller is demanding that their daughter play as much as anyone else, and that she does so in her rightful spot - striker! Read Article
CoachDeck Basketball
Now Available! CoachDeck for Basketball!
Coaching the kids' rec basketball team? Now you can run practices like a professional coach, even if you have no experience or time to prepare. Shuffle through 52 color-coded drills in four categories: Shooting, Passing, Ball Handling and Defense. Great for rookie and experienced coaches. Learn More
 Brian GottaMake Practice Fun and Meaningful 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

There are two things that kids want from practice. They want to get better, and they want to have fun. There are many coaches who are great at teaching fundamentals, but don't have much fun doing it. And there are other coaches who run fun practices, but don't teach much in the way of skills. The two don't have to be mutually exclusive. Read Article
Pitch Count Watch
 Keep the Score and More on Your Wrist! 
The Pitch Count Watch was originally designed for baseball, but coaches, fans and referees are using it for soccer too! Dual digital tally counters allow officials to keep score electronically, while the stopwatch monitors game time. Great for coaches who would like to track touches, shots, corners, or anything else with the ease and convenience of the push of a button! Learn More 
 Parenting Young Athletes  Dr. Apache
By Dr. RR Goyakla Apache, Ph.D.

Parents of young athletes can often "make or break" their child's desire to participate in sports. There are several basic, but important guidelines to follow when children compete. Read Article