Temple Beth Miriam Newsletter
January 2018
Happy New Year!
The staff at Temple Beth Miriam would just like to wish you and your families and happy and healthy New Year!  We could not ask for better members to serve and we thank you for that!
From the Rabbi
Rabbi Cy Stanway

The new year, be it secular or Jewish, is a time of refection and recollection. Rosh Hashanna is our time to reflect on our sins and the changes we want to make in our souls. I suppose the same can be said about the secular new year but it seems to me that most of the changes we promise to make involved a lower consumption of carbs, fat and sugar so we can win the 'battle of the bulge.' Not that this is not important but maybe we should think outside our own bodies.
A new year is a time to assess the direction of our lives, and the secular new year is no different. Included in our self-reflection ought to be some consideration given to our spiritual selves. There is no one definition of what exactly that is so let me offer this: our spiritual self is that part of us that helps us find meaning and purpose in our lives to something bigger than ourselves. That does not necessarily mean God. It can mean need and want. It can be the vast learning of our people. It can be any number of things that exist outside ourselves that can give us meaning.

People sometimes tell me that they don’t worship because they are not built that way, the prayers don’t make them feel anything, or any other number of reasons. Yet, those same people will throw themselves all in to making the temple a spiritual home and a safe Jewish space for everyone. This is their expression of spirituality. Others may find adult education unnecessary and yet immerse themselves in social action causes. This is an act of spirituality. And still others may find the peace of worship, the challenges of learning, and the slinging of hot dogs during the Purim carnival the things that give meaning and direction. Each soul is different and each act of lovingkindness and tzedakah makes a world of difference. If the act of worship is in a sanctuary or making soup or learning midrash or teaching our children, it is an act of sublime holiness.
I encourage you to find your spiritual place at Beth Miriam in 2018. No matter what you do, your efforts become the building block for the future generations and those foundations will create a liberal Judaism that is strong, proud and knowledgeable.
From the Cantor
Marnie Camhi

Winter is a very active musical season for our religious school students here at TBM. In December, our Youth Choir led us in song for our Shabbat Service during Chanukah. They did such a wonderful job! Bravo and Mazal Tov to Rachel Adler, Reese Figueiredo and Ray Shabbat!

Preparations for our annual Purim Spiel are in full swing! This year we are performing my newest original Purim Spiel called The New Queen on the Block. The theme is 1980’s- early ‘90s pop music. Students in grades 1-12, teachers, clergy and parents will begin rehearsing when we return from winter break. Rehearsals are on Sundays after religious school. Please let me know if you are interested in being part of the show or working on creating scenery. The performance will be on Sunday, February 25 during religious school.

And a big thank you to our volunteer musicians who helped make our congregational Chanukah Sing-Along such a success! Caren Chesler, Chase Kaplan, Art Topilow, and Kara Zappacosta.

Cantor Marnie cantor@bethmiriam.org
From the Principal and Youth Group Director

Stella Jeruzalmi Stanway
January begins our family weekend season.  This is an opportunity for our students to lead services and practice and demonstrate the skills they are learning.  Each weekend when a grade leads the service, there is also a family workshop where parents and children can learn together bonding over the creation of an heirloom of Jewish importance.  

Family Shabbat services are very family friendly and are always led by our students.  Please make it a point to attend each and every Family Shabbat service (not just your child's) in order to support the entire school.

These services will take place on the following Friday nights:

PreK-Grade 3 January 5
Grade 6 February 2
Grade 4&5 April 27
Grade 7 May 11

In SALTY news, we just returned from NFTY GER Winter Kallah.  We spent 4 days at Camp Harlam in the Poconos, where we explored social justice concepts from poverty, women's issues and other Tikkun Olam subjects.  We attended NFTY's board meeting known as 'Asefah' and learned how to participate by making motions, and seconding them. We voted on updating our constitution and saw how things are decided for the region.  We were proud to represent SALTY with two votes, earned by the cumulative number of participants we have sent since the fall.  

The younger kids in SALTeens and TamTams (along with some 3rd&4th graders) enjoyed a Hannukah presentation by 'Mad Science' It was cool to learn about how a dollar bill could looked like it was being burned but didn't and light is able to bend by using cool glasses. We especially enjoyed the trick where Maya B almost got a cup full of water on her head but didn't because of the cool features of silicone beads. We also had a blast making slime to take home.  Turnout for this event was wonderful with 18 kids signed up! Keep an eye in your inbox for information on our next event. 
The Winter Kallah up at Camp Harlam was a huge success and we congratulate our teens who attended this 5 day event in late December!  Here they are during the Asefa, the meeting to determine any changes to the Constitution and to bring up any issues in the region.  Mazal tov to all of you!

A letter from the President of the Men's Club, Barry Edison...
The Men's Club was active with many activities ranging from setting up our sukkah, to assisting with the library renovation, honey for the New Year, and continuing our undefeated ways with our softball team.

Our goals for 2018 include establishing a board, guest speaker for the morning breakfast, and a community outreach program. 

Barry Edison                               
President of Men's Club     

The Men's Club will be having a Scotch Tasting meeting at my home on Thursday, January 11th at 7:30pm. You do not have to be a Scotch drinker. We will also have dessert and beer. You can sign up for Men's Club that night if you are not a member.
The tasting will be taking place at the home of Barry Edison.

The address is

13 Eaton Place
Wayside, NJ 07712

Purim Is Coming!

Purim begins on the evening of February 28th. Temple Beth Miriam will continue the custom of fulfilling the Purim mitzvah of Misloach Manot, the tradition of giving friends and family yummy gifts to spread the joy of the holiday. The Purim bags for temple members will remain the same at $4.00 each.

You will receive a letter of explanation; an order form; a two-sided list of temple members, staff, and teachers; and a list of those people you sent baskets to in 2017. Please indicate the names of people you wish to give Purim baskets to this year and send the order form and lists back to the temple by Wednesday, January 17, 2018 with your full payment. You may donate your basket, give baskets to non-temple members ($15.00 each), and reciprocate with other temple members, as described in the letter.

You don’t want to miss out on being a part of this wonderful tradition and donating to the temple at the same time!

Thanking you in advance,
Wendy Sloter for the Purim Committee
We Need Your Help!

Start off 2018 right with volunteer work! To volunteer, please contact the front office (Frankie/Tyler) or sign up online!
       Cooking with
        Jerry Kass
           was a 
    HUGE success!
Social Action Soup Event

Despite the snowy afternoon, several social action members met at Temple Beth Miriam on Dec 9th to make soup. Thanks to Michael Vernick, Rickie Kashdan, Frank, Liza and Maya Restifo, Robert, Gayle, Michael and Elliot Topper, and Sue and Sherri for braving the elements. Michael Topper and Maya Restifo focused on baking brownies and cookies for the sale. The rest of us chopped and sautéed and simmered well into the evening. In the end we made over 100 quarts of soup and 3 kinds of treats that were sold after religious school on Dec 10th. From sales and generous donations we made $450 to buy necessities for the pantry at The Lutheran Church of the Reformation. Thanks to all the chefs and supporters for making this such a successful event.

If you would like any of the recipes, please contact tbmreception@bethmiriam.com
Hannukah Party
December 18, 2017
Thank you Brandl family for hosting us!!
Hot Chocolate Oneg
Administrator Frankie Langer and Administrator Assistant Tyler Barbato  will be sponsoring and hosting a Hot Chocolate Oneg  on Friday, February 16. Come enjoy hot cocoa, and all things chocolate!!
William Lerner
Bruce Berg
Karl Maling
Robert Rathe
Julia Rotwein
Hazel Scott
Roberta Setrin
Judith Topilow
Andrea Phox
Andrea Fiest
Sophia Wiener
William Wiener
Joanne Edison
Susan Moore
Wendy Sloter
Harold Hodes
Lawrence Nagel

Dalit Goldwert
Laura Krantz
Rachel Silverman
Barry Bricken
Laurie Wall
John Angeles
Elliot Fabricant
Eden Cotler
Roy Dressner
Ian O'Neill
Rachel O'Neill
Charli Bohm

Keith Suchodolsky
Rita Berkow
Sharon Babitsky
Harris Bass
Mary Lee Bass
Araiya Casriel
Julio Mouta
Elise Feldman
Hana Seckler
Craig Marshall
Andrea Marshall
Ilana Torine
Isaac Torine
Ezra Lambert
Andrew Brosniak
Lisa Brosniak
Joseph Bader

Alan & Ava Salowe on January 5
Darryl & Vita Dworkin on January 18

Temple Beth Miriam Is Grateful for the Following Contributions
The Berg Fund
In memory of Reene Fielder
-Judith Berg

Conn Music Fund & Tzedakeh Fund
In memory of Rachel Gatchaim
- Filipp Sagalovsky

Milton Ziment Fund
In honor of Milton Ziment
-The Topilow Family

Tzedakeh Fund
-Danielle DelCuore

Pess Family Youth Group Fund
-The Pess Family


              January Yahrzeits:
January 5
Virginia Adler
Lenore Agisim
Julius Applebaum
Bridgette Billings
Pauline Bitterman
Nettie Brodbar
Solomon Brower
Mildred Edelstein
Sigmund Eisner
William Falk
Anna Fisher
Erna Friedman
Marjorie Hersch
Flora Housman
Rose Kochansky
Anne Landau
Joseph Pearl
Gertrude Peters
Morris Pilver
Oscar Reiner
Irving Reingold
Abraham Revits
Murray Rotwein
Moses Scher
Irving Schnur
Ethel Shevel
Helen Spitalny
Myra Springer
Peter Stark
Vincent Vitale
Susan Warshauer
Ruth Weber
Ellie Yankow
January 12
Benjamin Baser
Abraham Bergman
Mascha Bernstein
Carold Bloom
Claire Bloom
Susie Braiman
Martin Chomsky
Morris Cinnamon
Marvin Daniels
Serene Darnell
Lena Davis
Monroe Ehrenhalt
Sonia Epstein
Pearl Goldman
Theresa Greenstone
Sonya Grossman
Jack Gussow
Barbara Haas
Mollie Halberg
Isaac Haskell
Florence Haupt
Mortimer Jolles
Sally Levin
Lucielle Levy
Bella Mihalovich
Cecille Morris
Edith Moss
Arlyne Reiter
Martin Rosenberg
Joseph Schapiro
Frances Tiplitz
Herman Turkel
Regina Weston
Geraldine Willner
Max Zimring
Helen Zywotow
January 19
Jeanette Applebaum
Malvina Berger
Sonny Brousell
Alex Cohen
Esther Cohen
Mildred Cole
Samuel Edelson
Elias Ehrenhalt
Rita Epstein
Bernard Francis
Marc Friedman
Sidney Futuronsky
Rose Goldenberg
Sam Gross
Joseph Grossman
Thersea Heimlich
Majorie Hollander
Nathan Holstein
Erving Kastner
Ester Khajezadeh
Minnie Kohn
Irving Krantz
Janet LaKritz
Margaret Lebowitz
Stella Levie
Helen Marlin
William Myers
Betty Neiderhoffer
Louis Podell
Betty Reiner
Esther Rotwein
Anna Scher
Harry Schoenberg
Mollie Schultz
Irving Singer
Marion Sokol
Julian Zellner
January 26
Martha Altman
Jennie Brodie
Eve Brower
Sophie Buchsbaum
Anita Chomsky
Hyman Fastov
Sylvia Feinberg
Sady Francis
Shirley Friedman
Pauline Fromkin
Harry Goldberg
Morris Goldman
Sarah Gordon
Mary Gray
Nettie Itkoff
Irving Kaplan
Lucille Katchen
Fred Korn
Henry Lager
Morris Lefkowitz
Anne Lubin
Bernard Miller
Emanuel Mullen
Pearl Neiderman
Jack Perlmutter
David Reby
Henry Reschke
Chaim Sagalovsky
Therese Schultz
Stanley Senett
Rose Shulman Fisher
Blanche Silverman
Emil Wasserman
Bessie Weissberg
Murray Ziment
February 2
Anne Alexander, Stanley Behrman, Harry Berger, Herman Blumenkrantz, Benjamin Bookbinder, Nathan Brodbar, Edith Brosniak, Sylvia Carris Lawrence, Philip Cohen, Janet Costanzo, Nathan Katz, Julius Klein, Miriam Krosney, Morris Levin, SueAnn Lieberman, Zelda Malachowsky, Mary Marshall, Jack Miller, Philip Newman, James Petty Sr. Jacob Piekarski, Shmuel Raz, Joseph Rubenstein, Benjamin Sherwin, Sidney Sloter, Dora Snyder, Josephine Spector, Pauline Spector, Rubin Stein, Minnie Susman, Silvia Tepper

Temple Beth Miriam extends its condolences to the family Laurie Wall, Matt Wall, and Brianna Wall on the death of a beloved step-son and brother, Justin Wall who passed away in late December.  May his soul be bound up in the bonds of life and may his memory be a blessing.
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