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Volume 6 Issue 9
September 2013

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Winning vs. Development
What We've Learned About Coach Training
How a Coach Builds a Team
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In this issue: Adrian Parrish writes about the differences he sees in U.S. Soccer and Europe and suggests changes in philosophy that might create better players. Brian Gotta shares a story about the origin of CoachDeck and how it relates to coaching manuals and websites. And Jeffrey Rhoads is back with an article entitled, How a Coach Builds a Team - What Every Sports Parent Should Know.

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Winning vs. Development Adrian Parrish
By Adrian Parrish

I start with the retirement of probably the greatest manager to ever grace the game, Sir Alex Ferguson. Love him or loathe him, you can have nothing but respect on what he has accomplished during 27 years in charge at Old Trafford. As he bowed out with a 5-5 draw versus West Bromwich Albion in his final game very few people noticed that the Red Devils U21 team were also crowned League Champions. Read Article
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Brian GottaWhat We've Learned About Coach Training
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

Did you know that before CoachDeck we were CoachGuide? CoachGuide was the first of its kind, distance learning course where coaches could log into a website, take a multi-media class designed to teach them how to do everything from run practices to deal with parents, ensure safety and manage games. It sounded great at the time. But there's a reason CoachGuide didn't make it and CoachDeck did.
Read Article
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How a Coach Builds a Team
Jeffrey Rhoads
By Jeffrey Rhoads

A good coach knows that a team's success always begins with the players. Their abilities, both realized and potential, are the raw material from which the coach molds a successful team. Read Article
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