Parking A Parklet On The Street
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Urban GFRC  Seat Wall
TF-6084 Illuminated Bollard
Flight Deck Bike Rack
Neighborhood, mixed use and retail district are fueled by destinations.  Locations become destinations because geographically they’re easy to reach and usually host a collection of restaurant, shops, services and/or other attractions.  And they create an opportunity for friends and acquaintances to mingle.  With that in mind pedestrians and cyclists are an important element in generating district retail traffic.  So it’s great to hear that a tactical urbanism strategy – parklets have been found to increase the vitality of neighborhood business districts and commercial corridors.

  1. Two parking spaces depending on the type of business could generate well over 150 unique user during a day.
  2. Parklets are popular with groups and individuals
  3. Parklets appeal equally to men and women suggesting that women are comfortable in those sidewalk public spaces
  4. Parklets are social spaces where visitors spend their time eating and drinking and socializing with others.
  5. Parklets increased sales an average of 20% and increased transactions by 17%

The study highlights the importance of adding pedestrian infrastructure to enhance local destinations.  To build pedestrian and cycling vitality in a retail district – consider the following tools

In the right location, surrounded by the right types of businesses, parklets are a useful tool in supporting neighborhood business districts and commercial corridors.