Peace be with you unbelievably painful days.

Again this week, I know this invitation comes to you with the urgency of this moment of national reckoning, as well as the necessity for the long work that is required within the Church and beyond to take apart the structures that hold Black people down and make false idols of whiteness. 

Over the past week, MCC and other partners have quickly worked in a Black-clergy led, colleague supported ad hoc group to prepare Boston's Memorial for George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Ahmaud Arbery.  There are multiple ways for you to participate and support this Black clergy led, interfaith memorial on Sunday June 7. We anticipate multiple local television stations will carry it live, as well as a live stream from MCC's Facebook page and others. 

Ways for Churches to participate: Share the live feed of the Boston Black Memorial for George, Breonna + Ahmaud from your social media page on Sunday June 7 at 3pm. Invite your congregation to watch. Post about the Boston Black Memorial, and encourage your community to participate in the ways listed below.

Boston Black Memorial for George, Breonna + Ahmaud

Sunday June 7, 2020 
Funeral Procession through Boston begins at 2pm
Memorial Service begins online at 3pm

#BostonBlackMemorial #BlackLivesMatter #GeorgeFloydMemorial 

George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery were so much more than their deaths.  With people across the country, Boston remembers, grieves, and memorializes their lives. We need to mourn all that is lost until Black lives really do matter. Participate in the Boston Black Memorial for George, Breonna + Ahmaud on Sunday June 7, 2020. 

Ways to Participate:

1. Watch Boston Black Memorial for George, Breonna + Ahmaud online or live on television broadcasts at 3pm on Sunday June 7, 2020. 
2. In Boston: Pay your respects as the Funeral Procession makes its way through Boston. A procession of 3 hearses honoring the dead and additional cars will move through Boston starting at 2pm. Bring a sign with a name of someone killed by police brutality or racist violence. 

3. Outside of Boston: Stand out your front door, take a photo with a sign naming someone who has been killed by police brutality or racist violence, and post to social media using the hashtags #BostonBlackMemorial, #BlackLivesMatter, #GeorgeFloydMemorial
4. “Take up the Offering:” During the Boston Black Memorial, donate to support grassroots organizing for racial justice and victims services, and give to Violence in Boston:  
We want everyone to stay alive. If you are hurting with the pain of these deaths, the suffering of COVID19, a loss of a job or loved one, or just need someone with whom to talk, please call  the Boston Neighborhood trauma hotline number (617)431-0125, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. 
The Boston Black Memorial is a Black clergy led, and colleague supported interfaith service, in the traditions of Black Church. Broadcast and streamed live. No parishioners are physically in attendance to prevent the spread of COVID-19.
Clergy United in Prayer, Protest, Peace + Justice: Baptist Ministers Conference of Boston, Black Ministerial Alliance of Greater Boston, Greater Boston Interfaith Organization, Massachusetts Council of Churches and Ministers In Action.

We praise God in advance for the liberation that is to come,  

Revs. Laura, Kenneth, Carrington and Meagan

       |     (617) 523-2771