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Bujumbura, Burundi:

So blessed to join MISSION SOS, Johannes Amrittzer and over 200 missionaries from 12 nations with Teen Challenge graduates and friends from East Africa for a powerful time of ministry. Despite the official travel advisory: "The U.S. State Department continues to warn U.S. citizens against all travel to Burundi-political violence persists in the aftermath of the country's contested election and attempted coup." Warnings of gunfire and grenade attacks by armed groups and reminders that armed criminals ambush vehicles on the roads leading to Kamenge (where we held the festival) did not dissuade the team from the mission.

As the UN continued to debate sending peacekeeping forces to Burundi, the Holy Spirit instructed our team to go forward, travel to Bujumbura and to deliver a message of peace and reconciliation. We brought the Word to this tiny central African nation. Though tormented by tribal conflict between the country's two main ethnic groups, with Hutu militias opposing the Tutsi-dominated Burundi army, we shared the GREAT NEWS that Jesus is the real peace giver, the real Peace KEEPER.
The truth is, we did not encounter any of the promised violence! In fact, we met wonderful people, hungry for God and ready for miracles. The US State Department travel advisory was to avoid any crowd. God drew over 160,000 people to the ETS Kamenge Grounds for ministry and 40,000 made first-time confessions of faith in Jesus Christ through the week of ministry.


Please take a few minutes
to come with us as we go
behind the scenes at the
Signs and Wonders Festival. Please
join us in the field and on the street for healing, miracles, and deliverance at MISSION SOS
Bujumbura, Burundi.

While we avoid politics, President Nkurunziza showed an amazing commitment to the outreach as he invited the SOS leadership team to the Presidential Palace for prayer. He instructed RTNB, the national broadcasting station in Bujumbura, to televise all 4 hours of the festival live nationwide every night Wednesday to Sunday, to over 11 million people. The move of God at the altar every night when Johannes Armritzer preached was amazing. People did not just come to the altar, they ran to the altar. From Twa to Tootsie; Hutu to Hindu, Muslim to animist to atheist, they responded enthusiastically to the invitation to meet Jesus Christ as their Lord.

It was a powerful week of ministry as tens of thousands packed the ETS Kamenge Grounds. Arriving by foot, some walked many kilometers from conflict and poverty ridden areas in Musaga, Ngagara, Mutakura, and Nyakabiga ready for a miracle.

ATTENDANCE: ~ 160,000
SALVATION: ~ ~ 40,000
Water Baptism:over 6,000
Hundreds of confirmed healings,
miracles and deliverance.

At the altar they received Johannes Amritzer's "New Life" follow-up book to begin their walk with God.
The names were then collected and over 40,000 names were delivered to the participating pastors at the Celebration after the Sunday Festival with Johannes' challenge, "Do not let this harvest die on the vine."
Teen Challenge Africa

Led by Kenyan rapper/TC graduate Joseph Countryman and the TC Africa alumni director, (and new father,) Joseph Kajani from Kenya, our Teen Challenge Africa men continue to set a high standard of service, ministry, and outreach. God is raising up a new generation of evangelists to reach the harvest. From the main stage, to the street, deliverance tent, or translating and confirming healings, these men were aways ready to serve and be used by God. (return to top)
e votion

Thus says the LORD,  “Heaven is My throne and the earth is My footstool.  Where then is a house you could build for Me?

2“For My hand made all these things,  Thus all these things came into being,” declares the LORD Isaiah 66:1-2

That is a compelling insight! We live in a culture where I see people trying to make God smaller. Is it so that we can feel bigger? Isaiah 66:1, Consider the possibilities when you realize our life is in the God who uses the earth as His footstool.

I get so consumed with doing things for God that I can lose sight of an important truth. It is about living from God-from His promise. I have not been able to find a Scripture where God says,"Just try harder, do the best you can.”

We are born with a selfish, self-centered, self indulgent heart and from there it only gets worse. We move from "I, me my, self-indulgence" to the cult of self-improvement. Thinking I'm a self-made man, in the end, the center of all I do is self.

We sacrifice more and more to get less and less, because we seek things that can never satisfy. Living for self, improving myself, thinking that I need to feel good about myself becomes an inexhaustible stream of demands. The apostle Paul brings it into focus in Romans 7:18,19.

For I know that nothing good dwells in me, that is, in my flesh; for the willing is present in me, but the doing of the good is not. 19 For the good that I want, I do not do, but I practice the very evil that I do not want.

Paul was not looking in his heart for the strength to be a new improved Paul. He admitted, "no good thing dwells in me." God is not interested in making a better version of me, but that I find my place of surrender to His will so that I can die to self and He can impart that “new creation in spite of me."

Even more troubling than society's cult of self improvement is the growing number of "feel good" preachers making the same promises with scraps of scriptures veneered over with feel good sentiment. One offers, Become a Better You. One preacher declares, “At the start of each day, remind yourself: “I am talented. I am creative. I am greatly favored by God. I am equipped. I am well able. I will see my dreams come to pass.”

I understand the power of a positive confession, but that confession has eye trouble. Not eye trouble e-y-e, but I trouble, "I-my-me!" It is God at work, not a self reliance. It is not in my human effort but in His eternal sacrifice that I can experience death and resurrection that leads to real change.

The most important issue here is not who "I am," but who He is. It’s not how hard I try, it’s how willing I am to die. We have replaced the “eternity centered” good news with a man-centered feel good gospel. In today’s "gospel", the focus is on personal accomplishment and “finding myself…" God's plan is to lose yourself, so that you can be found by Him.

God’s plan is not behind you it is in front of you. Stop looking backward at the things you cannot change and embrace His promise as you reach for all that remains. It is GOD who is at work in you, both to will and to do His good pleasure. Phil 2:13

Trying is about self (what I can do)...
Trusting is all about God. (seeing what He has ALREADY done). Yes, consider the amazing possibilities when you realize our promise is in the God who uses the earth as His footstool.
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As a follow-up to Dr. Doug Wever's tremendous All Africa Leadership Training Summit in Kigali, Rwanda in April, Teen Challenge East Africa Representative, Willy Rumenera and Burundi Assemblies of God General Superintendent Jerome arranged a Teen Challenge Pastors' Awareness Meeting with 65 pastors from Bujumbura and surrounding areas. Stepping away from the SOS Mission for one day, we had a tremendous time of ministry, music, fellowship and sharing the vision to reach the most hopeless of their nation with the Good News of the Gospel. We are excited to see what God is going to do in the nation of Burundi. Many of the pastors then joined us on the festival field as 8,000 received Jesus Christ that night.

I was truly blessed to have Joseph Kajani, TC Africa Alumni Director and Kenya TC graduates share powerful testimony of how they were set free at Teen Challenge, how God is impacting
Kenya through Teen Challenge and the work that God can do there in Burundi. Following the meeting, we prayer-walked some of the drug areas and claimed a home for TC Burundi.
Please pray for our upcoming

Please pray for us as we assemble our team for the Global Teen Challenge mission to FIJI in 2 weeks. We will join Hemraj Mangal and Seth Greenwell, pioneers of FIJI Teen Challenge for ministry Island-wide. From the street, to the parks, to schools and churches--we are believing God to establish this emerging ministry in FIJI and move miraculously. PRAY WITH US! JOIN US.

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Street Outreach

Five different teams, doing 2 to 3 street meetings every morning, carried the gospel right to where people in deepest need lived. Not only did the street outreach give us an opportunity to promote the festival and pass out fliers, but to pray for the sick and minister Jesus. On day one, there were over 500 first-time confessions of faith with 150 confirmed healings. The momentum from that opening day, 48 before the start of the festival, built all week and by Saturday over 4,000 had made first-time confessions of faith in Jesus during the street ministry as God moved miraculously in healings and deliverance.

Street drama included a powerful demonstration of the gift of salvation and the power of the Resurrection. Using drama, dance, testimony, music and preaching, every meeting included an invitation to meet Christ personally. While Burundi is a very religious country, it was so important to communicate the reality of a personal relationship with Jesus Christ and importance of following Him every day, not just as savior, but absolute Lord.
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The hunger for God was evident on the faces of those who came. Boys like these, who were getting high, emptied their glue bottles and turned their lives to Jesus Christ. I shared with them, "You must turn loose of that bottle of glue and take hold of promise of Jesus." They immediately began to pray and read the follow-up materials.
It was such a blessing to work with an amazingly diverse team from 12 nations, 5 continents.
From across Europe and the world--Norway to El Salvador, from Sweden to Australia. African nations like Ethiopia, Cameroon, Kenya, Uganda and Burundi all shared. The times of worship and teaching were rich with the power & presence of God. (return to top)


September 4-21

Dominican Republic
November 4-16

Construction, Evangelism, Outreach
with Calvary Church, Naperville, IL
The World Mission Summit
January 2-8

Houston, Texas- Chi Alpha /GTC

Capetown, South Africa
January, 2017 (tent)

Evangelism with Jacobus Nomdoe

Chang Mai, Thailand
Feb 12-18

ASIA Training and ministry

Please join with us in prayer as we continue to seek God, finish 2016 strong and look toward the 2017 ministry year. We have so many pending invitations India, Lebanon and Russia. Please stand with us in prayer that we will clearly hear the voice of the Lord.
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Current services-how about YOU?


Can we join you?
Call us at 757 728-0347 or email

Wednesday, August 17, 2016
Word of Life
Springfield, VA

Sunday, October 9, 2016
Christian Chapel A/G
Virginia Beach, VA

Saturday, April 15, 2017
U-turn Community Outreach
John Theobold Sports Complex
Palatka, Florida

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Again I say
unto you,
That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done
for them of
my Father which is in heaven.



Please pray for those that continue to labor in the harvest, working on the follow-up, and most importantly those that made commitments to Jesus Christ, were baptized in water on the Holy Spirit and now carry that good news to the nation.


Please pray for us as we assemble our team for the Global Teen Challenge mission to FIJI in 2 weeks. We will join Hemraj Mangal and Seth Greenwell, pioneers of FIJI Teen Challenge for ministry Island-wide. From the street, to the parks, to schools and churches--we are believing God to establish this emerging ministry in FIJI and move miraculously. PRAY WITH US! JOIN US.

Wednesday 07 Sept to Saturday 10th 6:30pm to 10pm.
The major outreach meeting will be held in Lautoka, the second largest city of Fiji where TC center is located. It will be held at Shirley Park, a large open area in the center of the city where addicts gather to score drugs and get high. Please pray favor and that God will move on hearts preparing the lost as our TC team as they are still working to obtain necessary permits for the meeting.

On Sunday August 11th, at 3pm on the Carnival Ground there will be combined Church meeting



Lautoka/ Morning - Prison & School; Afternoon – Sugar Festival Outreach

Sugar Festival



Lautoka/ Morning – Schools
Afternoon & Evening – Sugar Festival Outreach

Sugar Festival

Thursday 15 September to Monday 19 September- SUVA

The details of Suva (Capital City) program are still evolving. Pray for the Deputy Superintendent of AG Fiji took charge to organize Suva meetings.


As a follow-up to our last Urgent prayer request
Here is the follow-up from Ilya and Janet

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, 

God is faithful!  He is giving wisdom with the new change of events.  Thank you so much for your prayers   In the past, whenever we did survey questions on the street, we were amazed that 95% of Russians believe in God and most call themselves "believers." 

So with the change in the law, we will continue to  "talk" to people about their belief in God and simply explain the "free gift" of salvation and repentance.  This is not forbidden by the law. In order for someone to invite people to church, he will need to carry an official document stating that he is a member of our church and has the right to do missionary work under the legal covering of the church.

Please pray that the Russian people would understand the truth of God's love for them, and that this wake up call would create in Christians an even stronger desire to "talk" about God. 

On a personal note, we found out yesterday that Janet's sister, Dori, was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  Would you please pray for God to heal her?  She loves the Lord and wants to serve Him.  We know God is able to do the miraculous and heal her!  We are so grateful for your prayers!  Please continue to pray for us and for the believers here. 
With much love in Christ,
Ilya and Janet

4) Slovakia Outreach

We are very excited about how powerfully God moved in Slovakia. Certainly, our vision is to see the continuing work of evangelism after we continue on for next nation. We are excited to pass on this prayer request from Pastor Pavel in Galanta..

Dear brothers and sisters,

PLEASE DO PRAY for us, as We minister to the Roma people in Slavkovce, the Eastern part of Slovakia.
Friday and Saturday,

pray for: many touched lives
             - for Gods anointing upon me, and my wife Henrietta as we serve to them
- the main topic of the Seminars is: relationships,How to build a better relationships in our congregations,..
Thank You very much for your Prayers,Care and Love,

Kocevs  ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Pray with us for the global advance of the gospel. Pray for workers for the Harvest ...Teen Challenge Centers in 115 countries need staff and we currently have invitations to start Teen Challenge in over 32 nations. They are crying out for help. They need the power of God to meet a pressing social need... but we know it has a SPIRITUAL ROOT.
MATTHEW 9: 37 Then He said to His disciples, “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few. 38 Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send out workers into His harvest.”


We do not receive salary or travel expense from Global Teen Challenge. Your gift is so important during the summer season when income is down for us. We have a challenging travel schedule with opportunities in Africa and Fiji. Not only that, your gift can help us to make it possible for leaders from across Africa to join us in Bujumbura, Burundi for the Mission SOS Festival of Signs and Wonders.

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