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Issue 3 Volume 10
October 2010
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Practice Like the Pros
Sports and Bullying
Lesson Learned from Youth Sports
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In this month's issue:
Joey Bilotta contributes another tremendous article to help players know what it takes to get to the next level. Is it possible that there is bullying going on right under our noses on teams we coach? That's the subject of this month's contribution from Brian Gotta. And parents and coaches alike will agree with Dave Zimmer's message about sportsmanship and the lessons we should teach. Finally, as usual, we ask that you check out our sponsors who make OnDeck possible.

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Secrets to Practicing Like the ProsBilotta
By Joey Bilotta

You're not satisfied with average. You push harder than everyone else in practice. When the pressure's on, you're the one pulling a few miracles on the field. But it's a big world out there, with thousands of players just like you or better competing in soccer camps and tournaments every day and growing stronger. So how can you take your game to the next level? Read Article
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Brian GottaSports and Bullying
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

The tragic suicides of several youngsters in recent weeks have led to an increased focus on the topic of bullying among children at school. But school may not be the only place bullying occurs. It could be prevalent in the sports we oversee, and if we're not paying attention, we'll overlook it and let it continue. Or, worse yet, we may even notice it happening and just think that this is "part of the game" and do nothing.
Read Article
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A Lesson Learned from Youth SportsDave Zimmer
by Dave Zimmer

My little 10-year-old boy was up to bat - my little lefty. I love to watch him play baseball because he loves to play the game. The pitcher wound up and let go of a fast ball traveling at about 38 mph. The ball missed the strike zone by a few feet and hit my son in the upper arm. The ball was not traveling fast enough to hurt him, so he just ran down to first base. As my son was standing on first base, I saw the opposing coach signal to his pitcher. The pitcher then ran over to first base, shook my son's hand and told him he was sorry. At that moment, baseball really did not matter. That act of sportsmanship was more important than the game. Read Article

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