Save the Date! 
October 13th, 10am-1pm
Bedford 2020 wants to help you and your family meet your personal waste reduction goals. Come to the Trash Bash and learn more! 
Everyone in the community is invited to the Zero Waste Challenge kickoff event on Saturday, October 13th from 10am-1pm at Bedford Hills Memorial Park: the Trash Bash! 

This fun, outdoor event will include games, food, and fun around recycling, reducing plastic, eliminating food waste, composting, and more! If you are interested in joining the Zero Waste Challenge, this event will also include the training and materials needed to participate.

Save the Date!
Join the Zero Waste Challenge
Challenge yourself and your family to be less trashy! Set your own goals to reduce waste in your daily life. Click here to learn about this 6 week challenge and sign up to participate. Training and materials will be provided at the Trash Bash on October 13th.
This Katonah Family participated in our "test run" of the Zero Waste Challenge and they did great!
Here they are with their trash, recycling and food waste from the one week pilot.
Tips, resources, and ongoing support will be available during the (non-competitive) Zero Waste Challenge from October 14 - Nov. 25th. 
Be a part of our community waste reduction efforts,
join the Zero Waste Challenge this fall!
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