2016 Planter Ideas!
Olimpo Planter Bench
Harlie Planter
Aventine Flower Pot
Urban Plant Receptacle
It’s time to get an early start on the spring and summer growing season. The peak research period for planters and flower pots is between February and May.  However, the longer that process takes, the longer the shipping cycle.  To get you started now – here’s a preview of our new planters.
This year, we’re offering twelve different planter types – cast stone, concrete, custom, fiberglass; gfrc; thermoplastic, self watering and wood clad models.  Add to the above list, extra large planters, planter benches, tall planters and self watering planter irrigation inserts and you’ll find a very broad range of planter styles, shapes and sizes.
What’s new? Twelve cast stone flower pot styles, three concrete planter styles and four new gfrc planter pots. Among the new planters, my favorites include – the Giove, Luna and Marte flowerpots and the Nuton and Olimpo planter benches. The modular designed Lluvia concrete planter with its rectangular wood seat is an inviting seat wall. The four new GFRC planter styles - the Aventine, Kalypso, Lorraine and Zena is a combination of classic and contemporary styles.

If custom planters are on your horizon because of an extra large size, unusual shape or special configuration, visit our gallery of custom concrete, fiberglass and gfrc planters.  Coming soon to the gallery, examples of projects involving LED planters.
Also new in 2016, similar size and style fiberglass and gfrc planters are priced the same. This new pricing model removes the price difference between fiberglass and GFRC and shifts the conversation to which material is most appropriate for a particular project application.
For example, fiberglass planters for a roof deck project where weight may be important versus a streetscape project where appearance and scale may be a paramount.  The GFRC planters will boast new finishes too. 
As the daily watering of planter and flowerpots become an issue to keep plants alive, self watering planter irrigation systems are moving to the forefront to resolve that issue. Available to accommodate any shape and size planter, the system removes the labor intensity involved in keeping plants alive. The best time to install a system is before the new growing season begins.
Visit the planter gallery.