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If they can't find hope we must make certain that hope finds them. ~ Dr. Jacobus Nomdoe, GTC Africa

God moved powerfully the Global Teen Challenge Prayer Focus and Strategic Leadership Summit. What an honor to watch emerging indigenous leaders offer strategies to impact the entire continent of Africa. Under the leadership of Dr. Jacobus Nomdoe, GTC Africa Regional Director, prayer, worship, and exhortation highlighted the conference as TC Africa celebrates 20 years of miracles.
Click- LEFT for the 20 year Africa TC History VIDEO

It was a blessing to join Dr. Jacobus Nomdoe, pioneer and Executive Director of Teen Challenge Western Cape, South Africa, and Global Teen Challenge Africa Regional Director and Dr. Kevin Tyler the Global Teen Challenge VP of Field Operations as part of this historic gathering of indigenous leaders as they formulated strategic plans to reach the continent from Libya to Reunion Island. From Gabon to Djibouti.

A special offering was received from the African leaders for a down-payment for a GTC Africa regional office. Please play as the team there identifies a facility. We desperately need a base of operations to coordinate the ongoing strategic initiatives of GTC Africa.

When Cathy and I first visited Africa in 2002, both of these men were lost in gangs and addiction--Mitchell in Cape Town, South Africa and Joseph in Nairobi, Kenya. Today, through the power of God and ministry of Teen Challenge, these men are drug free for a decade and are powerful voices of Hope. They serve as my two key evangelism ambassadors for the continent of Africa. Mitchell heads the "Hope Revolution" team in Pretoria, South Africa going into the townships and schools across South Africa.

Countryman graduated TC as well as East Africa Theological Seminary and now leads evangelism into the worst ghettos of Nairobi. He also travels surrounding countries, training students in street ministry for TC. Right he shares at the Summit..
On the street in Kenya, addicts call him "Pastor Dingo." In Swahili, Dingo means "thief." He once robbed people to supply his drug habit, but now he plunders hell to rescue addicts from the ravages of addiction on the street. He is stealing back lives, once stolen by the devil, and bringing hope.

The Gospel Fully Preached


In mighty signs and wonders, by the power of the Spirit of God, ... from Jerusalem and round about to Curriculum I have fully preached the gospel" (Rom15:19).
The apostle Paul declares, "I have 'fully preached' the gospel. The gospel "fully preached", is more than words, but the demonstration of the power of God to break the power of sin, to heal, and to transform.

Around the world, "experts" treat addiction as a disease, seeing it as the problem. A distinction of Teen Challenge is that we have discovered that addiction is not the root, but a symptom. The root is broken fellowship with God. It is the consequences of choice and sin. The root of addiction is sin ... capital "S." In its own way, addiction is a curse. Take the "S"  out of the curse  and you have the "CURE."  

The  ministry of Teen Challenge, birthed in evangelism, has thrived in outreach, and now  sets the pace worldwide,  impacting communities and nations with HOPE and the good news of God's love. Even in M*ls*m nations, closed to traditional missionary efforts, we find open doors for the good news of Jesus Christ and His transforming love.

I sat with a M*sl*m Imam, in a country I cannot name. His  eyes were cool and measured as he glared at me with disdain and what seemed to be deliberate animosity. There was a tense moment as he glared at me. "I have no use for your Western religion. I have no respect for your American Christianity,"
he snarled.

Then, suddenly his face seemed to soften and he said softly," But we need your Jesus. Our young men are dying. I have seen them cut off the hand of a drug addict in punishment, only to learn he died of an overdose, injecting drugs with the other hand. It seems hopeless."

Within the context of his religion and culture, he saw Jesus the Healer, but no more.  Evangelism, in today's reality, is not about religion and proselytization, but sharing the  "living  hope" of new life in Jesus. The world has tried solve the addiction problem with correction, education and condemnation for centuries. You cannot shame, criticize, or educate someone into change.

"Shame-based" religions around the world have found no answer for their drug problem. Criticism and  shame alone cannot break the power of addiction, only HOPE can. Jesus is that Hope and that is why it is our vision to ... PUT HOPE IN REACH!

The miraculous  testimony of changed lives,  touched by the Power of God, discipled in the ministry of  Teen Challenge are what make this ministry, a universal  emblem of hope to hurting people around the world. We are not so foolish as to believe that Teen Challenge is that hope. Our focus is to point them to Jesus. He doesn't just have the hope, He IS that hope.

Hope in Jesus, through the grace of God is the Living promise shared by Teen Challenge. It is our legacy. The Father's greatest gift, His Son, reveals the promise of hope and power to break the control of sin. It is not rehabilitation and recovery but resurrection and transformation that matter most.

Reaching Gangs

The most violent city in South Africa, Cape Town now ranks 15th worldwide on a list compiled by Murder Capitals of the World. The report lists the 50 most violent cities by the number of murders per 100,000 people. In 2017/ 18, the murder rate was 62.3 per 100,000 people. In terms of the sheer number of murders, Cape Town has the third highest tally, with just under 2,500 murders recorded.

Teen Challenge reaches into the most violent townships from Mannenberg to the Cape Flats. Men, once addicts and assassins find new life, salvation and promise in the Jesus Christ through the HOPE REVOLUTION ministry of Teen Challenge South Africa.

In the Townships

I love worshiping with my Zulu Family. In Winnie Mandela township, amidst poverty gangs, and addiction, they brought God their best and we rejoiced in the King. Sing with us as they rejoice.
(Malibongwe (BLESSED!) Mandla (POWER) nKhosi (KING).

In Tembbisa, Ward 9, a community notorious for gang violence and high addiction rate, political leaders and community leaders joined us to commend the work of Teen Challenge in the Hope Revolution. More than that Jesus was with us --to save the lost, heal broken, and set the captive free,
As they pioneer TC Tembesa there took us right to the hot spots. How amazing to watch leaders of 17 African nations gather to minister at the altar as I called the lost to Jesus. They prayed for these men and women crying out for God's help and we saw amazing transformation miracles.


2017 was a year of miracles. You could not join us in the Syrian Refugee Camps, the South Sudanese camps, Rwanda, Madagascar (over 40,000 first-time confessions of Christ), hurricane relief or missions on 5 continents, BUT you were with us in prayer, partnership & giving.

Lebanon TC - Facing a Challenge
We are excited to see the new Lebanon center rising before our eyes. Can you stand with them in prayer to make this TC center a reality in Beirut, and pioneer a strategic base of operations to reach from Jordan to Syria, to Kuwait, Iraq and the Arab community across Europe. God is opening exciting doors for the Good News in this historic moment of time. Please pray as they are believing for God to provide the finances to keep their workers going! If you would like to be a part, they need YOU, Make your tax deductible donation by clicking this link TODAY.


May 9-15, 2018
Krakow, Poland

June 15-26, 2018
Mission SOS Malawi
Lilongwe, Malawi

July 20-31, 2018
Mission SOS Rwanda
Kigali, Rwanda

Aug 22-31, 2018
Sensitive nation

Aug 30-Sept 4, 2018
TC UK Graduation
& Evangelism Training

South Africa
Oct 29-Nov 10, 2018
Cape Town

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FOR 2018 NOW

or call Cathy @757 218-8499
April 11, 2018
Calvary A/G
FLOOD YOUTH Wednesday 7:00 PM
Hampton, VA

July 16-20, 2018
GTC Global Executive Council

Columbus, Georgia/Yucci, Alabama

September 5-12, 2018
Spiritual Emphasis
TC Pacific Northwest
Spokane, WA

September 30, 2018
Gospel Tabernacle
75th Anniversary Celebration
Philipsburg, PA
The church David Wilkerson pastored before he left to start Teen Challenge.
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Again I say
unto you,
That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done
for them of
my Father which is in heaven.

1) Massive Call to Prayer for Kim Jong-Un Meeting in May
Over 80 American Christian leaders from a wide spectrum of traditions are now calling Christians to prayer for North Korea in preparation for the historic May meeting between Presidents Trump and Kim Jong Un!  Read about it in Charisma or in the Christian Post News. You can sign here to add  your name the call to prayer. Anyone can sign this. Please sign--especially if you head a ministry. The lists of all who have signed is here. 

This is in addition to a 40 Day Worship event in South Korea starting on April 29th for unity between the Korea. A Korean YWAM student named Mark from Hawaii started this! This needs to go international since it affects much of the world!  Here is one such call for international prayer that has already gone out for April 28th.  You can also sign up for this one at the 40 Day Worship event site. 

God has obviously been speaking to many Christian leaders about the need to pray for the upcoming meeting in the day between President Trump and President Kim Jong Un!! May this initiative by God become an International Call to Prayer so that believers everywhere can agree with the Holy Spirit to bring peace and healing and the Gospel to the beautiful people of North Korea!

2) Johannesburg, South Africa April 16-23


It was wonderful to be with Dr. Jacobus Nomdoe, the Global Teen Challenge Africa Regional Director In Johannesburg and we are truly excited about all that God did at the All Africa Leadership Intensive. Please pray for God's continuing vision and provision as leaders came from across the continent and for a fresh view how we can bring the claims of the gospel to bear on Africa.

Please play as the team there begin to identify a facility and begin to develop plans for our new Africa regional office. We desperately need a base of operations to coordinate the ongoing strategic initiatives of GTC Africa.

3) MISSION SOS- Global Teen Challenge partnership.

We are so excited about the upcoming MISSION SOS outreaches in Malawi (June) and in Rwanda (July) The Africa Capital Cities Tour continues to engage nation's capitals across the continent, speaking truth to power and hope to those seeking answers through Jesus Christ. The ministry of Rev Johannes Amritzer transcends religious differences and brings a unique message of hope through Jesus Christ. We are helping to engage with SOS Kids as well as SOS AID which is bringing medical care to people in need.

Have you prayerfully considered joining us for one of these incredible festivals as an individual or with your local church or Teen Challenge center? Write bernstuff@aol.com If you cannot join us please prayerfully consider a gift for an African leader to join us for SOS. Help us to raise up TC leaders in evangelism on the continent of Africa.

4) MISSION RESULTS-Praise and Prayer-

As I walked through the airport this week, a man suddenly ran up to me and hugging me exclaimed, "Do you remember me?" It was a joy to see Ivan. I am always happy to meet the TC folks but was so blessed when he shared, "You trained me in evangelism so many years ago. I was on of the first graduates of Serbia teen challenge. Thank you I'm still in the battle." We talked about Al Perna and Dennis Griffiths

He told me of his work in Cyprus and shared video about his ministry . He gave me a dropbox link, but I cannot share or post on Internet for the safety of the the ministry there, some people in it have fatvah on their lives and might endanger them. I wish I could share the selfie!  Let us pray for his continuing work as well as other nameless faceless workers who labor around the world.

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Pray with us for the global advance of the gospel. Pray for workers for the Harvest ...Teen Challenge Centers in 120 countries need staff and we currently have invitations to start Teen Challenge in over 32 new nations. They are crying out for help. They need the power of God to meet a pressing social need... but we know it has a SPIRITUAL ROOT. We offer SPIRITUAL RESOURCES to meet PRACTICAL needs.
MATTHEW 9: 37 Then He said to His disciples,
“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.
38 Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send
out workers into His harvest.”

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