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March 2018
Welcome to the eQuaLearn March 2018 Newsletter! This edition will include an article written by Staff Engineer, Susan Frailey on the changes included in the AC7004 Checklist. We will share useful information regarding complimentary training at the upcoming Nadcap Meeting in London, UK and look at what is anticipated for eQuaLearn in 2018. The final newsletter article was written by Staff Engineer, Dave Marycjanik regarding the Nadcap Measurement & Inspection Task Group and Checklists. Please do not hesitate to contact an eQuaLearn team member if you have any questions or require assistance.
AC7004 Rev F Changes 
PRI Nadcap Staff Engineer, Susan Frailey’s article addresses three new concepts that have been included into the AC7004 Rev F document: Context of the Organization, Documented Information, and Risk-based Thinking. 
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What to expect from eQuaLearn in 2018
eQuaLearn is excited for what is to come in 2018. This year marks the 10th Anniversary of the eQuaLearn program! Click below to see what eQuaLearn has planned for this year.
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June 2018 Nadcap Meeting in London, UK
eQuaLearn will provide nine complimentary training courses on a first come, first served basis at the London Nadcap Meeting from 18-21 June 2018.
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Nadcap Measurement & Inspection 
Dave Marcyjanik, Nadcap M&I Staff Engineer, provides a brief overview of the Measurement & Inspection Task Group and a summary each Nadcap M&I Checklist.
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