November 15, 2019 Elijah
Mercy Center Needs Some Help, Too!
Our friends at Mercy Center - with whom we have an ongoing Social Action relationship - need some Thanksgiving help.  Here is the email from Rebecca Nichols, the director at Mercy Center: Do you have one or two strong-armed persons who could volunteer with us on Tuesday 26th, to put frozen turkeys in bags? 9am-4pm? We are short the strength!!

If you can help, please get in touch with Rebecca at
 A Note From Rabbi Stanway
I have a colleague who is a chaplain on the USS Abraham Lincoln.  They have an extended deployment and they are feeling really run down.  So, Beth Miriam, how about we brighten up a sailor's day, especially since we are entering the holiday season.  See the picture below to see what they need.  You bring it to the temple, I will mail it.

Here is her text:
Looking for an easy way to support the troops? The USS ABRAHAM LINCOLN just got extended, again, and could use some love to get them through this seemingly never ending deployment.  Please see below for ideas (they’re specifically looking for holiday decorations) but you can also never go wrong with:
Toiletries (for women too)
Beef jerky
Non-chocolate candy (chocolate rarely survives the shipping process)
Games (cards, Uno, old school stuff)
Used video games (they have a variety on consoles onboard)
Used movies (DVD’s)
Cards (especially from kids)
Tuna packets
Seeds (sunflower in shells and other)
Girl Scout cookies
Fruit snacks
Goldfish crackers
Store bought snacks
Stocking stuffer type small gifts
I recommend using the Post Office’s Flat Rate boxes but it’s also really easy to ship stuff to Navy ships via Amazon.