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In August 2015
12:15 pm
*Month-long Hiatus*
Circuit Training In The Gym
is not offered in August

7:30 pm
*August Sub Instructor*
with Joey Bothwell

Tuesday & Thursday
7:30 am
*New Teacher*
Good Morning Flow Yoga
with Cristina Paoli

11:15 am
*August Sub Instructor*
with Amanda Bauman

3:00 pm
*No Longer Offered*
Baby Jam

1:30 pm
*New Instructor*
Power Flow Yoga
with Arielle Mc Fadden

4:00 & 5:00 pm
*Perfect Weekend Conclusion*
Mindful Sculpt & Stretch
with Kim Blank
Lokananda Yoga
with Andy Clark

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Hello Beloved SWERVER,

People have been flakey around me of late and it's actually making me mad. I got mad a few times this past week and the more I thought about how mad I was, the madder I got. It overtook me for a minute there, and I must tell you , that is not my way.

Then again, getting angry could be like a little side hobby that entertains me to see how far I can go with it. Somebody doesn't meet a deadline and I go, "Grrr..." Somebody else doesn't show up when they said they would and I think, "WTF?!" Then, another person is late, late, late and I'm like, "All these people have something wrong with them! There must be something in the stars at play here!"

Thankfully, I regained my senses when I took a moment to chill and reason-out my hot-blooded cray-cray mental wickedness with a thoughtful listener. Finally, I realized that it was me. I'm the common denominator and all of this hot-messiness converges right here.

Gosh, self-responsibility and self-awareness is a thing. It takes some open eyes to see one's own part in what appear to be external events. At first, nobody wants to take ownership for their part of any less-than-positive situation. Later, if you really want to solve problems rather than wallow in them, all wisdom points to, "What is my part?" and "What must I do to make this better?"

This third month of Summer is a turning point, Beloveds. Now is the time for taking dominion over our lives, starting with our thoughts, our words and our actions. You could fall in love today. But not if your heart is closed and not if you miss your ride on the love train. Get on board, because romance is in the air. Be ready so you don't have to get ready.

Emotions flow strong with the blue moon, even in it's waning cycle, so behave yourself, sweet one in the sun. Do your work, so you're fortified for the opportunities that are right at your feet.

Training the body can be one of the simplest and most straight-forward tasks for accomplishing readiness. Training the mind by slowing down and meditating or reflecting can be even more effective for all of your business, entrepreneurial and otherwise.

At SWERVE, we are here to help and we've got your best self in mind when we greet you at the desk, in the studio, in the parking lot and in the gym. We'll see you soon.


Gillian Alexandria Clark
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