"Skeeter", 10 X 11" mixed media on w/c paper
Imagine With Art Newsletter

Issue No. 64                                                                           May, 2017
Here I am trying to stay warm on a cold and windy morning in Times Square with infinite distractions for the urban sketcher!
You may have seen my blog accounts of a trip to New York City at the beginning of the month. There I was treated not only to visiting my son but participating in Veronica Lawlor’s “Puzzling Out the Picture” workshop, where we learned to work with the dimensionality of the picture space, utilizing thumbnails for conscious design, and capturing the directional flow of people and objects. All the while I was in a state of awe at the New York skyline, architecture, and surging humanity, while learning my way around using Uber and subways. All that and I made some wonderful new art friends from all over the country! 

Meanwhile I’m looking forward to teaching next month’s mixed media weekend workshop at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts titled “Patina”.  Students always enjoy the light catching sparkle of certain paints as they meet interesting textures, so I decided to focus on the many ways of achieving this effect in mixed media. The weekend format, which I’ve taught each year, has been a vehicle for students to birth a new series of paintings and to get guidance to carry them through to completion as well. At this writing there is still space in the workshop on June 24 and 25. Find more information on workshops below.

Included here are some pictures from the Quick Sketch weekend workshop at the end of April and a new Art Play lesson, Vector Art to enjoy also.

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Experimental Mixed Media Painting: “Patina”
Sebastopol Center for the Arts
282 South High St, Sebastopol
June 24, 25, 2017
Time: 10am-4pm
$160/member, $165/non member
Allow your imagination to take flight as you push the boundaries of acrylic painting with texture and collage. Day one we’ll explore acrylic and paper-made textures to create lively painting surfaces. Day two we’ll enter the realm of “patina” with inks and acrylics to capture the metallic look, the subtle light catching sparkle and appearance of aged, worn shiny surfaces. 

This workshop is designed to engage your intuitive voice while offering tools and guidance to carry you through to finished paintings. Daily demonstrations and individual guidance will be provided along with ample opportunity to develop your own paintings.

For more information and to register contact me at susan@susancornelis.com or call 707-824-8163.
Sketch Vignettes to
Share the Story that Interests YOU!
June 10, 2017 WAIT LIST
Time: 10am-1pm
Cost: $45
Meet at Wild Flour Bakery, Freestone, CA (west of Sebastopol in Sonoma Co.)
Do you feel overwhelmed when confronted by the complexity of visual information when you sit down to sketch? In this workshop we will explore tools for quickly getting to the story you most want to tell in your sketch.  We will build the sketch out form the point of your greatest interest, connecting it to its context and leaving out all that isn't needed to make a more powerful impact. Principles of vignette design and utilizing the white of the paper will be practiced along with simple drawing and watercolor applications.

For more information and to get on the wait list, email me.
This is one of ten on-location workshops held in the Bay Area in 2017 to celebrate the 10th anniversary of Urban Sketchers, an international organization whose core value is to share the world, one drawing at a time. To view the full offering of exciting sketch workshops with the other urban sketch teachers visit urbansketchers.org

The Artful Muse

in my Sebastopol studio

Each session adds a new mixed media painting technique to your repertoire, pushing the boundaries of water media, texture, collage and more.  You learn to recognize your intuitive voice as it takes you in new directions. Meditation, writing, and the fellowship of the group are added into the mix to evoke that powerful Muse energy!

New Monday Afternoon Muse Group (six weeks) 
Sept 11-Oct 23

    Time: 1:30-4:30pm
    Cost: $210 for 6 classes

Visit my website and blog to see more.  The blog shows demos from the classes as well as new sketch-ventures.

For more information and to register, email me
Ask about private or semi private consultations and lessons.

At the Sebastopol Farmer's Market
with the Quick Capture Sketching Workshop, April 30!
and demonstration sketches from the class
. . .keeping it simple and quick!
 Art Play: Design with Vectors

Here’s an idea borrowed from San Francisco magazine, a glossy well designed monthly with far out fashions and architecture and city culture. The concept: take a picture of interest, crop it off and continue the image with lines that vector off on white space, connecting with other images/designs. In order to have room to honor the white space, you’ll want to start with enough paper/canvas/board to have space to expand. I used a full sheet of watercolor paper cut in half lengthwise to 11”x30”.

The root of the word vector comes from the Latin: one that conveys or carries. Along with its meaning in mathematics and biology (pathogen carrier) the word vector can refer to the direction or course followed by an airplane, missile, or in this case, line. The directionality of lines is a powerful force in design. You might say that lines carry your message in a work of art.  

Try this. Start with shapes/images that interest you, cut out of magazines or your own paintings, either abstract or with descriptive content. pick the ones that are connected by similar theme, content, shape or color and place them on the paper surface with white space between. 

Then find ways to extend the existing pieces with directional lines, “vectors”, which connect the pieces. Repeat patterns, shapes, colors using pen, inks, acrylics, dry media, etc. The white space between “holds” the content together, letting it breathe and interact.

If you’re more accustomed to spontaneous play in your art, this lesson is a challenge. Through the exercise I found that I was teaching myself elements of design such as repetition of pattern, designing with the white of the paper, alternation of value/color/shape, as well as unity and harmony.  It was a journey into randomness and back out the other side to new design solutions!
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