Global SHCJ: Society of the Holy Child Jesus

There are a number of young women in Africa who promise to give themselves to God in lives of poverty, chastity and obedience.

In the interview, Fr. Mike talks with Sr. Veronica Openibo who entered religious life in Nigeria. She talks about her relationships with people of other cultures and the importance of being kind, loving and generous in community. Sr. Veronica shares her joy and freedom in living this kind of life. She is now the Society Leader of the Society of the Holy Child Jesus (SHCJ) with provinces in the America, Europe and Western Africa.

They then turn to discuss Nigeria specifically. Nigeria is a large, wealthy country, but the people are very poor. There is much hunger, crime, poverty, and unemployment. The conversation naturally turns to the Christian-Muslim conflicts and the political systems in her country. Sr. Veronica has some suggestions of what leaders should do to resolve the conflicts.

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Circle V with Ray Lopez

What do horses, bows and arrows, swimming and having a good time have to do with God?

In this interview, Ray Lopez, Camp Director of the St. Vincent de Paul Camp near Santa Barbara, explains how young people who have never had a camping experience learn so much in this summer program.
Ray went with Fr. Mike to Smokey Mountain in the Philippines about ten years ago. He says that it really changed his life. Now he works with kids who come from difficult situations. This summer camp helps them grow in self-esteem while having good old fashioned fun and really finding out that God loves them. Some of them have never been outside their own homes, let alone do the wonderful activities that are available to them. 

The theme of the first day is GDMJ – God Doesn’t Make Junk. This is re-enforced each day with activities, as well as the role modeling of the devoted counselors. Ray also tells moving personal stories of two of the campers.
"Springtime is the land awakening.  The March winds are
the morning's yawn!"   Lewis Grizzard​​​​​​​

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