October 2018 Equicizer News
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October Testimonial
Lexington the Equicizer

Jeri Geary shared this awesome testimonial on Facebook about her Equicizer:

Lexington [the Equicizer] and I had a lot of fun this morning riding with our Equicube. I got my Equicizer about a week ago and am getting hooked on that great feeling I have after riding him. I am starting another one of my Connemara Ponies this year and I'm counting on my Equicizer to really get me in shape! We are also putting mirrors up so we can correct our positions when ever we need to! I'm so impressed with my Equicizer!"

Video Demonstrations
Equicizer Exercise

Deborah Herbert, who writes the "50+ Equestrian" blog we have featured, has put together video demonstrations containing exercise routines and ideas aboard the Equicizer! These videos are for all skill levels and disciplines. We received the following review about Deb's videos when used in conjunction with the Equicizer: "These sets are amazing! When I got off my Equicizer, I felt as if my core stayed stacked and I could ride any horse strong yet supple. I've been riding horses a long, long time. This kind of exercising is the way to go!" Click on the photo above to view more!

Wooden Horse Wednesday
Vintage Equicizer Video Series
If you have not checked out our Wooden Horse Wednesday blog yet this month, make sure you get caught up! Kayla did an amazing and fascinating two part series with vintage Equicizer footage. Included are interviews from Frankie Lovato Jr.'s career; there are four videos in total spanning two blogs posts. Let us know what you think by commenting on the post or on social media!

Don't forget to check out tomorrow's Wooden Horse Wednesday for a spooktacular surprise and a chance to win!
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