Dear --FNAME--,

As we all ping-pong through alternating hopes and fears in this day-to-day whipsaw of coronavirus updates, I'm holding the promise of October in my mind.

Fall is both ahead and far away; Women At Woodstock will happen. I've used the last several days of holing up at home as an opportunity to build a new website for this year's events. I hope you find the new site more beautiful, fun, and also more informative and easy to navigate. Click here to visit. And give your friends a little mental breather too - send them the link:
Be sure to click on the Look Book with photos from all the past year's events. It's at the very bottom of the home page:
And for a moment of calm, watch: Start the Day Your Way at Women At Woodstock. Scroll 2/3 of the way down the home page:
Click below to visit the whole website:

Take care of yourself and your loved ones -
but remember that your loved ones include all of humanity:
* Don't hoard - keep supplied only with what you really need.
* Offer to share what you can spare. NextDoor is a great site for
letting your neighbors know if you have extra food, toilet paper, etc.
Check on elderly or at-risk neighbors.
Offer to shop for them when they need food or supplies.
Don't expose others to your own germs even if you
are sure you've not been exposed to the coronavirus. Stay home! 
Get your flu & pneumonia shots so you don't contribute to
the load on medical providers by needing treatment for these diseases.
Enjoy the stillness.

The more we act in concert, the better we will weather this.
Hoping for the best for everyone,