Farmily Staff and Alumni Newsletter
August 2016
What's been going on since you last heard from us?
We've already started saying goodbye to some Farmily members and I can't believe Labor Day is only 2 weeks away!   How did the summer go by so fast? You may have already noticed the crowds dispersing and the island feels a little quieter.  We just had our Season Wrap party last week and everyone had a great time in the Garden Center.  
We were happy to celebrate the longevity of several staff members:
Devon Francis ~ 5 years
Leah Mojer ~ 5 years (off and on, but a solid 5!)
Laura Steele ~ 10 years
Pete Smith and Hilary Newell ~ 30 years!  Pete and Hilary were also celebrating their 32nd wedding anniversary that night.   They have seen a lot of changes here at the Farm since Dorothy first recruited them from a Garden Center in MA.   I don't know where we'd be without them!

If you are leaving soon, please be sure to schedule an exit interview with Laura!  We are so grateful for everyone's hard work and dedication this summer.  Please stay in touch and send us updates and pictures from around the world wearing Bartlett's gear!! 
Thanks for a great season!!!
Had a great experience working at the farm?  
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Photo Contest Winners! 
1st Place ~ Antonio Mastrodomenico
2nd Place ~ Rachel Amaral
3rd Place ~ Rachel Amaral
Honorable Mention ~ David Winking
1st Place ~ Rachel Courtney
2nd Place ~ Beatriz Pesci da Silva
3rd Place ~ Rachel Courtney
Honorable Mention ~ Beatriz Pesci da Silva
1st Place ~ Lauren Keereweer
2nd Place ~ Leah Mojer
3rd Place ~ Rachel Amaral
Honorable mention ~ Rachel Amaral
1st Place ~ Liam Farrell
2nd Place ~ Lauren Keereweer
3rd Place ~ Liam Farrell
Honorable Mention ~ Hilary Newell
Electronic copies of your Photobooth pictures are available here
For all pictures from the slide show and photo contest click Here

CAEP Interns take note!  
Submit your Farm photos for a chance to win and iPad! 
Keep sending me your work and/or travel pictures!  
(or letting me steal them from Facebook!)
​especially showing off your Bartlett's gear!
Let us know what you are up to!  Pictures, articles and updates are always welcome from current and alumni Farmily members.  Email