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Issue 2 Volume 8 September 2009
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Varying Practice Routines
Parents and Playing Time
Want to Feel More Confident?
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Hello from CoachDeck!
In this issue we proudly announce our first annual CoachDeck Volunteer Coach of the Year Award! There is no better way to recognize the hard work and dedication of your favorite coach!
Simply click here, and take a minute to tell us about the person who has made a difference in the lives of young athletes in your community. Voting will take place in November and your coach could win a prize package from our sponsors Cleatskins, Crown Awards and others. All nominees will receive notification that they've been honored by your submission! Please forward this on so every deserving volunteer receives recognition.
We hope you find the articles by Tom Turner, Brian Gotta and Dr. Alan Goldberg informative, and that you visit our sponsors to learn more about their special offers.
Best wishes,
 Varying Practice Routines  Tom Turner
By Tom Turner, OYSAN Director of Coaching

Good coaching is about creating an environment where players can improve and enjoy playing soccer. The first challenge is to create practice activities that naturally transfer learning from training to games. At the younger ages, this is THE most important element of coaching as the majority of young players are not developmentally "ready" for deliberate instruction. Read Article
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2009 CoachDeck Volunteer Coach of the Year Award 
They don't get paid for the time and effort they sacrifice, so we'd like to say "Thank you," by recognizing them for their tremendous efforts. Take five minutes to make someone's day and let them know you appreciate them. Nominate your favorite coach here
 Brian GottaParents and Playing Time 
By Brian Gotta, President of CoachDeck

In our last issue I related the saying, "Prepare the child for the path - not the path for the child," in my article, Is it All Right to Win? We love that our kids play sports for the many life lessons that are learned. But when we intervene and try to influence our son or daughter's coach relative to playing time or positions, what lesson are we really teaching? Read Article
 Does Your Club Need a Boost in 2010?
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 Want to Feel More Confident? Stop Using the "C" WordDr. Goldberg
By Dr. Alan Goldberg
If you as an athlete have problems with your self-confidence, if you're easily intimidated by other athletes or teams, then chances are pretty good that you are a regular user of the "C" word. What's the "C" word? Comparison! Comparing yourself with others is probably the most effective strategy I know to deflate your self-confidence.  Read Article
Soccer in the Sand
Soccer in the Sand
Enjoy all the thrills and competition of regular soccer in a fun and unique beach setting. Events for all ages. Go to to learn more.