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March 2017     
Kerygma Resources
for Spring and Summer
Reflections: Preparing for the Growing Season 
As the church, we are in the season of Lent, a time of preparation. In terms of the calendar, we are entering another time of preparation: spring, the time of preparing for the growing season to follow. I am not a gardener, but I have the good fortune to know some seasoned pros at horticulture. During winter, they look through seed catalogs to read about cultivating plants that grow well in particular areas, to plan this year’s garden lay out, all to prepare for the next stage: preparing the soil for planting. In terms of Bible study, this metaphor of preparing for the growing season involves utilizing tools that will give adults the best foundation from which to grow in understanding. Because The Kerygma Program is committed to helping adults understand the Bible whole, that is, understanding individual books within the entire canon, we provide resources to “prepare the soil” for planting. Consider offering adults in your church learning opportunities that provide a good foundation for further study of biblical books and themes.  
Kerygma offers great resources to prepare for
growth in the Christian life

Your Bible! is a great resource for introducing adults to the Bible. Also a successful study for youth groups and those preparing for confirmation. Participants will explore important topics such as: how the Bible came to be; how the Bible has been preserved and passed on; what the Old and New Testaments are about; how shall we study the Bible; and what is the place of the Bible in our lives?

Interpreting the Bible
8 Sessions

Provides basic introductions to both Old and New Testaments. Focus on the message of the Bible as well as key people, places, events, and biblical ideas. Create successful introductory experiences in studying the Bible whole with engaging and creative learning approaches suggested in the Leader’s Guide.
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30 Sessions

How do I make sense of the Bible? How can I better understand what it says? Listening to Scripture answers these questions by demonstrating the tools that biblical scholars use to understand what the Bible meant so that we can understand what it means. This resource contains multiple examples of Biblical texts to demonstrate how individuals as well as communities can better understand the Bible as the living word of God for our lives now.

Great Themes of the Bible
4 Great Resources to Explore 4 Important Themes
7 Sessions

Trace the saving grace of God from the exodus to the wanderings, to the Kingdom's rise and fall, to God's new act of salvation through Jesus, and into the early church. 

7 Sessions

God’s people had questions about their Creator which are mirrored in the Scriptures. They wondered: What is God’s true nature? Can we trust God to be loving, fair, and just? How can we know the unknowable God?
7 Sessions

At the heart of the Bible's story is a relationship between God and people, sparked by God's initiative, sustained by God's promise, and sealed in covenant terms. Track the narrative as God holds steady while the people struggle to keep faith and fulfill their mission in God's world. 
7 Sessions

Inspired leaders make a difference in the unfolding biblical drama. Understanding how God worked through the lives of the Patriarchs, Prophets, Jesus and the Apostles will light the path for new leaders who will continue the journey. 

Studies for use in Spiritual Formation
8 Sessions

A great introduction to answer an important question:  who is Jesus? Mark provides a portrait of Jesus as a powerful man, confident of his choices, but thoroughly trusting in God even as he faces persecution and ultimately death. Mark's words are an encouragement to uncertain disciples of all the ages to see clearly the path Jesus invites us to follow and to understand why we can put our trust and confidence in him.        
6 Sessions

Use this study of the Lord’s Prayer to explore and unpack the spiritual discipline of prayer and its impact on our daily walk with God and our spiritual growth.
7 Sessions

Begin with the stories told by
Jesus, the master of the parable! Discover how  these deceptively simple stories can change lives.

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