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There's isn't much time left to donate to the New Jersey Highlands Coalition. All donations help, big and small.

We know the upcoming years must bring significant actions at the State House and DEP in Trenton and at the Highlands Council if we are to advance and ensure environmental protection for the New Jersey Highlands. We grapple with the impacts of a changing climate as we see dangerously low levels of water in the State’s largest reservoirs (all four of which are in the Highlands), proposals for new gas and oil pipelines, damage to cultural and historical resources, stalling on a much-needed State Water Supply Master Plan, NJDEP’s misguided proposed amendments to rules on septic density provisions for the Highlands Preservation Area, and the continued barrage of Christie Administration maneuvers to weaken comprehensive environmental regulatory programs and planning. The impacts of all these issues damage our environment, contribute to human illness and suffering, and degrade communities and our quality of life.
(Photo: "Alone" by Eduard Moldoveanu)

Easy access to the vital information provided by the Coalition on NJ Highlands issues has never been more important.

There is still so much to do if we are to successfully protect and preserve the Highlands.  We can’t do it without you.  Our staff is small, our Board is dedicated, but our strength lies in our members – YOU!  Please help us this year with an end of year tax-deductible contribution to the New Jersey Highlands Coalition.  

You can count on the New Jersey Highlands Coalition. Today we count on you.

With great thanks, and best wishes for a healthy and happy 2017 to you and your family,

Julia Somers
Executive Director
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​The New Jersey Highlands Coalition

represents a diverse network of organizations - small and large, local, regional, statewide and national - and individuals with the common goal to protect, enhance and restore the New Jersey Highlands and to preserve the quality and quantity of drinking water both for the 850,000 people in the Highlands as well as the more than 5.4 million people in surrounding areas who depend on Highlands water. For more information visit our website.

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