We began this trip Middle East with Israel. I have visited there in the past for Teen Challenge ministry. I knew the drug spots in Tel Aviv and human trafficking area of Haifa but this was my first opportunity the walk the streets that Jesus walked.

What a treasure to for Cathy and me to truly experience the rich history of Jerusalem, Nazareth, Galilee, and the Negev in person. More than the places we visited and the people we met, the pastors, missionaries and friends we traveled with, made it a life changing experience.

We also made time to connect with some amazing ministry asserts and TC pioneers at work in Israel. We cannot share pictures or names because of the sensitive nature of their work.

Pray for the move of God in Israel!

I would recommend the Noteworthy Tour of the Holy land to anyone with a heart to learn more of the history We were surely blessed by the guides, the food, hospitality and locations we explored. We were truly impacted personally by the opportunities to prayerfully walk the streets where Jesus walked. We are praying about taking a team next year-let us know if you might be interested.

Among the most powerful experiences for me, along with the cistern in the house of Caiaphas, the high priest were Jesus was lowered--to the garden of Gethsemane, was the opportunity pray at the Western wall (Wailing Wall).

While Cathy and I had to go to separate lines to pray at the wall, we did have the opportunity join together the pray the prayer of agreement afterwards-for the peace of Jerusalem, to Unleash the Hope and to bless all of you, our partners

To see these requests stuffed into a wall in hopes that an answer will come, as people from around the world come to pray reminds us of the promise we have in God that in Jesus we have access tot the father

God is really moving powerfully here in Beirut. Garo has been taking us to home meetings. It is amazing to see them cram 25 Syrians into a tiny room to hear about God's love. The living conditions for refugees are horrific, often no running water, heat or plumbing. in the bone chilling cold and dampness, they opened their homes.

Sitting on small mats and UN blankets, even with what little they have, they always insisted we have a cup of tea. Their tragic stories of death, bombs, and terror are truly heartbreaking. Each meeting ends with every person asking for prayer. Some receive Jesus, some are healed, all are touched by God.

These meetings are gave us context as we minister in Refugee Camps of the Bekaa Valley and Syrian Border settlements. Pray for Kingdom Fest, 3 day multicultural Celebration here in Beirut where we will minister and bring a "Good News message" in music and testimony.

They love getting the Arabic language version of Cross & the Switchblade.

A man asked "What does mean, this title? How can be a cross and a switchblade together in
such a thing?"

I shared, "A switchblade is a weapon of violence to take life, the cross is also a tool of violence but it is where Jesus gave us life." It is a powerful contrast of this world and God's Love.

Thank you for your prayers. We are very excited, many meetings -4 Sunday Services, Lebanese, Filipino and Madagascar congregations and then The Kingdom Fiesta-Cultural Celebration. We will have a unique opportunity to share the good news to a wide cross section of cultures and refugees. Pray I do not trash my Arabic lyrics too bad.

This is a strategic time to minister to the needs of M-sl-ms worldwide. They are one of the greatest unreached people groups in the world with one missionary for every million M-sl-ms. Rather than arguing over doctrine and branding people, this is an hour to share the love of Jesus Christ.

Hearts and doors are open. Even the Qur’an, because of its references to Jesus and the Word of God, raises curiosity in the hearts of many. In many camps, with so much free time, so many drugs, along with a sense of
abandonment by I-sl-m, they are seeking answers.
Brother Garo & the team from Teen Challenge Lebanon put together a busy schedule, from the street to camps, to church to a major cultural Festival in Beirut and possibly some prisons. It was amazing to connect again with a dear friend, Esther, who was part of our ministry team at Lighthouse Worship Center in Gloucester. She is now serving in Lebanon. Pray for favor as we have the opportunity to minister to people in need from Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Jordan over these next weeks .
Due to the sensitive nature of places we will visit, we are unable to give any additional details, We do covet your prayers. There people are seeking something more than a slim chance of escaping hell by hanging onto a slender hope in their own goodness. The grace of God cries out, "It's not your struggle to be good, but the sacrifice of Jesus is enough!" Please pray that many will receive God's amazing love.


It is exciting to report that Jim Lowans and the Asia Pacific Team continue to move forward. Thank you for all who have been praying for the Philippines since President Duterte launched his brutal war on drugs and the humanitarian crisis that has following with over 6,000 extra-judicial executions.

God is moving powerfully through the LIVING FREE training. Gregg Fischer and Tim Hanson traveled to the Islands to train local church leaders to minister to over one million addicts who have turned themselves in, fearing for their lives.

They are concluding training in 6 cities - Baguio City, Cebu City, Butuan City, Manila, Kalibo City and Daevao Citty


Every day, miracles happen at TC centers around the world. Miracles are not a result of human excellence, but God's mercy and grace.

Thank you to the silent champions, so many of you praying for Teen Challenge. These are your miracles for God's glory.




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A look back at 2016

Please come on a trip around the globe with Cathy and I as we look back on an exciting year of ministry in 2016 and our missions with Global Teen Challenge on 5 continents. Rejoice in the miracles God has done and the blessings that are still ahead. Thank you for standing with us in prayer- these are your miracles.