Farmily Staff and Alumni Newsletter

What's been going on since you last heard from us?
Yes, Bartlett's Farm is celebrating our 175th year this year!  We have a lot of fun things in the works, including a big reunion party this summer and we would LOVE to have some alumni come visit us.  We don't have a final date nailed down yet, but we are looking at Mid-July so stay tuned! 
The marketing team is busy working on many ways to promote 175 years of Bartlett's Farm (including tracking down some awesome old photos you'll see her and in the coming months) and we could use your help!   We would like to make a video series of Farmily Alumni.  Please participate by sending a short video (60 seconds or less) which includes an introduction with your name, what job and year(s) you worked here, where you are from and where you are now.  Please also answer one of the following questions:
What is your favorite/funniest memory of the Farm?
How has the Farm changed your life and/or influenced your career?
What was the best lesson you learned here?
-or be creative and say something else about your time here.   
Email and if are interested in participating and we'll have instructions for how to send the video. 
  Dorothy Bartlett with the old Farm Truck
In addition, or instead of, we would love it if you would share any pictures you have from your time at the Farm.  Post to Instagram #bartlettsfarm #bartlettsfarm175 or
email them to 

Below are some great pictures Linda Humphries shared with us from her first time working at that Farm in the 80's.
While we look back at where we've come from, we are also always looking to the future. 
We are upgrading our technology and have added 4 self-check out registers in the market! 
These should help the lines go more quickly
and be more efficient. 
Sam from the Brewery shows us how it's done! 
The Garden Center is open and the Greenhouse is starting to look like Spring is here, even if it doesn't feel like it outside!  They will soon start getting very busy and we are excited Rachel Amaral will be leading the Blooming Creations Team this year.  (Bella Macallister will also return to Blooming in May).  If you haven't taken a walk through GC greenhouse lately, go take a look!  And be sure to introduce yourself to new employees Liz Phelps, Corinne Giffin and Slovakian intern Patricia Kolesarova. 
We are very busy hiring for the upcoming season and some of our interns and new staff members have already arrived!
Bertha Bunu from Zimbabwe 
Jonathan Elisca from Haiti is brother to Jephte's, who interned here 2012 and 2013
Michelle Rafael is from the Philippines.
All 3 are on the GH Crew
Patricia Kolesarova is from Slovakia and is a trainee in the GC.
Carol Sales is from Brazil and in the GH
Victoria Alves Ferreira is also from Brazil and in the GH
Annah Nyesigire is from Uganda and on the Farm Grown team
Philippe Delpeche is another GH intern from Haiti
Andres Rodriguez Gomez returns to us from Colombia this year as a supervisor for the Farm Grown team. 
Paulo Watanabe is a Farm Grown Intern from Brazil
Corinne Giffin is from South Africa and Nantucket and works in the Garden Center
Ronald Natyetye is from Uganda and on the Farm Grown crew
Charnele McCrary is from Georgia, USA
Delaney Churchwell, from Minnesota is a Cook.
Rachel Gilgen is from North Carolina and is a Greenhouse Intern
Bartlett's Got Talent!!
Nick Delacruz (who was recently promoted to Produce Manager-Congratulations!) has been rocking out with the band Rantum Scoot at the Brewery on Sundays.   (humblebrag: You might also recognize Laura's husband Brian on the bass guitar.) 
For the uninitiated, on Nantucket, a "rantum scoot", or a random scoot, is a walk with no particular destination in mind.
This month, the Dreamland Theater put on Nantucket's Got Talent and 3 farmily members participated. 
David Shepard and Andrew Spollett's band Sled Dog played an original tune and Matt Notorangelo sang "I Believe I Can Fly".  There were 22 amazing acts and we are so lucky to have such talented people on the farm and the island! 
Irish Ramblings
Ireland seems to be a favored travel destination for many of our crew, and it's no surprise given our many Irish Farmily members!
Abby Corbin and Peter Bopp are doing a semester in Ireland.  Griffin Swanson went to visit recently and they all got to meet up with Laurie McVeigh and Aoife O'Brien in Dublin. 
Whitney Butler also go to meet up with Laurie and Laura Hamilton, as well as Aoife and Nicole Kenneally among others! 
Constanza Bartolomeo also had a whirlwind trip
across the US including NYC, LA and Vegas.  
At Madame Tussaud's in NYC


Congratulations and best wishes are in order for Laura Hincapie Mendoza who got engaged to Gerard Holmes, who she met here on Nantucket.   I hope that means we'll get to see her again very soon! 
  Cindy and John in 1969
Keep sending me your work and/or travel pictures!  
(or letting me steal them from Facebook!)
​especially showing off your Bartlett's gear!
Let us know what you are up to!  
Pictures, articles and updates are always welcome from
current and alumni Farmily members.