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Home from South Africa with a quick turn-around and back in Africa for the MISSION SOS Festival in Morogoro, Tanzania with Evangelist Johannes Amritzer. With your help, we are bringing 17 exciting TC Africa leaders from across the continent. Pray for the Africa Team as they will be traveling over the next 4 days. Some will travel over 3 days over dangerous roads to join us in Tanzania. In addition to international TC Leaders, we will be raising up workers from the emerging TC centers in Manyoni and Mwanza and Dar Es Salaam.

There is no way we can say, "Thank you," to all of you who pray faithfully and give sacrificially to keep us at the front lines. All I can say is, "Praise God, and thank YOU, all of you. Don't stop now! If you are one of the ones praying, it is working! There are exciting opportunities before us and financial challenges ahead of us.

The team is on the ground in Morogoro preparing stage, sound and team logistics, as over 200 missionaries from around the world & 500 Tanzanians travel to the festival site.

Witch doctors are doing animal sacrifices to curse the festival grounds, but GOD HAS THE LAST WORD. We DO NOT take the victory for granted. It is time for SPIRITUAL WARFARE! Please join us to intercede and battle for souls in the heavenlies.
This 2 minute video will fill you in. PLEASE PRAY.
View SOS-Morogoro-PRAYER UPDATE on Vimeo

In addition to serving Mission SOS, we’re so excited to working with Lauren Wiberg & SOS Kids. What an opportunity to share the amazing love of Jesus with the children there in Morogoro and the surrounding area. To reach them before they ever need TC!

On Saturday, SOS Kids will lead a full day of teacher training for people who are involved in children’s ministry.

We will be in 7 schools reaching over 9000 kids in the next 7 days. Bern will sing, the team will share a Holy Spirit Power-packed program with dancing, singing, drama, games and the Good News of a Father who loves them so much that He sent His Son and together they sent the Holy Spirit to fill and empower them.

Please pray with us for the outreaches in these schools:
Monday, June 17
am Msamvu P/school 932 kids
pm Jitegemee Primary 2000+

Tuesday, June 18
am: Mkwajuni school, 1379 kids
pm: Mwembe Songo
~~~~ (M-sl-m area)

Wednesday June 19
Muungano P/school -1800 kids

Thursday June 20
Sabasaba School- 940 kids

Friday June 21
Chamwino School- 1800 kids

Saturday 22 is our SOS Kids FUN DAY with Bounce Houses and lots of games that will draw thousands of kids for the Good News. Please pray with us for the young lives that will be touched one life, one young miracle at a time.


12) Tteach us to number our days, That we may present to You a heart of wisdom.
14) O satisfy us in the morning with Your lovingkindness,
That we may sing for joy and be glad all our days.

Psalm 90:12 & 14

Long life is a promise of God. Our lives and times are in His hands. My son, Chris, just shared a startling statistic. Globally, life expectancy around the world is steadily ticking upward, but the same can’t be said for the states.

In the USA, life expectancy has dropped 21 spots in the most recent studies. Three newly published reports (Center for Disease Control & Prevention) highlight a frightening downward trend in Americans’ average life expectancy. It is the USA’s 3rd straight year of decline. This 3-year drop represents the longest sustained decline in the USA since the years 1915 to 1918.

In 1915-1918, the decrease could be attributed to World War I and a devastating influenza pandemic. Now, the drivers of decreasing life expectancy are drug overdoses and suicide.


This 3-year drop represents the longest sustained decline in life expectancy in the USA since 1915 to 1918.

Drugs claimed 70,237 lives and suicides numbered more than 47,000 last year. While in 1915 a world war fought totalitarian regimes to victory, in 2019 our war is against an unseen tyrant, the satanic global strategy of addiction and hopelessness.

The tragedy is that much of the church doesn't even know where the war is. The anti-God culture feigns interest, but through all of the political infighting they offer no real answers as they throw money at failed and flawed strategies.

As Christians argue over whether people who kill themselves go to heaven, no one asks the most important question. "Why does our light not shine HOPE into the hopelessness of a fallen culture so that our young people can see the wonderful plan God has for them?" We need to be HOPE PUSHERS.

There is no greater indictment on the Body of Christ than when we see the suicide numbers growing not only in the culture, but in the church. In John 10:10 Jesus gave us the most amazing promise.

"I came that you might have life, and that more abundantly." John 10:10

That promise of abundant life has been warped by both the culture and the church. The preoccupation with possessions, position, and property failed to reveal that the aimless pursuit of the American dream, without the purpose of serving God sacrificially, leaves us empty. Even in the church, the false gospel of possession confession as evidence of God's favor, dilutes the true message of the gospel. The answered to suicide is this, when you are busy dying to self and living to serve, you have no time to take your own life. It is the pursuit of God, not the preoccupation with possessions that define a truly abundant life.

I’m asking God, as we are traveling here in Africa, to help me to number not just my days, but the minutes and the hours. The people I meet, the lives that I can touch. The real measure of life is quantified,  not by the number of years lived, but by the amount of living we’ve done for Him in those years.

Position and possession are nothing without purpose. In our aimlessly busy culture, I see people in a room texting someone 5000 miles away while they ignore the need that is all around. God is calling us to a fresh examination of how we number our days. We must awaken to the spiritual warfare that is raging around us. As it says in Ephesians,

"Awake, sleeper, And arise from the dead, And Christ will shine on you".
Therefore be careful how you walk, not as unwise men but as wise, making the most of your time, because the days are evil.  So then do not be foolish, but understand what the will of the Lord is. Ephesians 5:14-17

Let's invest our minutes, hours and days in something that matters. Let's share God's love and offer a LIVING HOPE that will change lives forever.


George was found, beaten on the streets in Nairobi, by a TC Kenya Evangelism team led by Countryman. They brought him back to the center and began to minister to him, They prayed for him and believed for a miracle.
Not only did God heal him, the following day he committed his life to Jesus. At the age of 10, he was driven from his home. On the street, gangs tried to recruit him, but handicapped, unable to walk, he was abandoned by everyone-scavenging on the street and robbing, he turned to drugs.

From changaa, a deadly, home-brewed hallucinogenic drink made of corn liquor and formaldehyde, to bangi (marijuana), he eventually was lost in addiction to heroin.

It has been a joy to watch him grow in the Lord. He has been clean and following Jesus for 18 months. He has graduated the program and staying on to minister. He will join the TC International Team serving with Chris Kimani as cultural liaison for the SOS AID team.


2019 is a year of miracles.
You cannot be with us in the Syrian Refugee Camps of the Bekaa Valley, Rwanda, South Africa, Cote D'Ivoire or Tanzania but you can still be with us in prayer, partnership and giving.
Thank you for standing with us, praying for us and as the Lord leads, partnering with your gifts.




June 12-25

Morogoro, Tanzania

July 11-23

w/Johannes Amritzer & the
Tanzania A/G 80th Anniversary
Arusha, Tanzania


October 31-November 17, 2019

w/David Omih
Lagos, Ibadan, Warri,
Otukpo, Jos, & Abuja


Please join us as we seek the Lord for His direction, as we are praying over some exciting pending invitations for the fall.

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email us at
or call Cathy @ 757.218.8499

Sunday, June 30, 2019

Churchland Assembly of God
Portsmouth, Virgina

Sunday, September 1, 2019

Calvary Assembly of God
Hampton, Virgina

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Again I say
unto you,
That if two of you shall agree on earth as touching any thing that they shall ask, it shall be done
for them of
my Father which is in heaven.

1) MISSION SOS Special Project

Please join with us as we pray for a unique minstry opportunity that has opened up. In partnership with Mission SOS AID, we will be targeting 5 "M^sl~m - sober houses" representing almost 200 students. As we visit to meet practical needs, we have arranged with leadership to provide a Bible for each of the students. We will do an "outreach meeting" and TC folks will share testimony along with SOS AID outreach workers.

We are very excited about this opportunity because one of the directors confided to me that so many of the men leaving the sober houses are going back to drugs. I suggested perhaps those that want the help that TC offers could come to one of our emerging programs for additional help. He was delighted with the possibility.


Remembering Madagascar SOS

As we are at work on the ground here in Africa, please FOCUS your prayers for the MISSION SOS. We are praying for specific breakthroughs and against the powers of darkness trying to hinder what God has called us to accomplish here in Tanzania in June and July.

Agree with us on these points, and please reply with anything the Lord speaks to your heart as we prepare to engage dark spiritual forces on the battlefield.

  • Pray for the sound system operation and final setup-especially for the children's festival stage. As many know- the entire festival stage, sound and lights went up in flames as a tanker truck, out of control, smashed into our rig while they were doing customs at the border.
  • Peter and his team who have the challenging job of configuring the new sound stage and lighting here in Tanzania
  • Pray for the street outreaches across Morogoro all week long-17-23 June.
  • Pray for Evangelist Johannes Amritzer and all of the 200 US, European and TC Africa missionaries and the 500 Tanzanians who are part of this outreach.


A spirit of unity within our diverse team of over 200 missionaries from Europe, Africa and the US. Psalm 133:1 & Colosians 3:14-15.

Pray for safe travel as our Africa leaders and students are headed for Tanzania by bus, plane and TC Vans.

For Tanzanian pastors & churches who partner with SOS for the Morogoro Festival. Ecclesiastes 4:9

An attitude of excellence in our ministry preparation. Daniel 6:3 & 2 Corinthians 8:7

For God to prepare & purify the festival grounds.
It is a place known for drinking, parties & drug use.
Deuteronomy 11:24a

Financial breakthrough & 100% funding for each of our team members. Psalm 144:13

This is the time to exercise our spiritual authority, engage in the spiritual warfare that is waging around the plans for this festival. We must pray for a Shock and Awe outpouring on the powers of darkness as we head to Morogoro.


  • • He that is in us, is greater than He that is in the world.

    1 John 4:4
    • The Lord will cause the enemy, who has raised up against this festival in Morogoro, to be defeated before us. If he comes in against us one direction, he will flee before us in seven directions, in the name of Jesus! Deuteronomy 28:7

    • What the enemy has meant for evil, Lord, you will turn around for good in Morogoro; for the saving of many lives, as they receive Jesus as their Lord and Savior. Genesis 50: 20

    • That by our hand, Lord, the unreached people will be delivered out of the hand of the enemy and wicked, unreasonable men.

    2 Thessalonian 3:2
    Please pray for the Morogoro and Arusha Festival Committees.

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Pray with us for the global advance of the gospel.
Pray for workers for the Harvest ...
We have Teen Challenge Centers in 125 countries and we currently have invitations to start Teen Challenge in many new nations. They are crying out for help and need staff.
They need the power of God to meet a pressing social need... but we know it has a SPIRITUAL ROOT.

MATTHEW 9: 37 Then He said to His disciples,
“The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few.
38 Therefore beseech the Lord of the harvest to send
out workers into His harvest.”

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