Advanced Ribosome Display Platform for Antibody Evolution and Proteomics Analysis
Ribosome display is an easy, fast, and efficient tool for antibody evolution and proteomics analysis. As it is performed entirely in vitro, the diversity of the library is not limited by the transformation efficiency of bacterial cells; simultaneously random mutations can be introduced easily after each selection round, as no library must be transformed after any diversification step. This technology is widely used for larger libraries to generate peptide, protein and antibody libraries with an unparalleled diversity up to 1015 to analyze toxicity, enzyme activity and structure information. In particular, our ribosome display antibody libraries can produce antibodies with pM affinity, the highest affinity ever achieved by an antibody production technology.
Expand your in vitro selection and evolution tool kit for immunological and pharmaceutical research insights with tailor-made, reliable, and accurate ribosome display techniques.

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