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Pam Langley Memorial Scholarship
Changing of the Guard

Application Deadline: May 15, 2019

The Pam Langley Memorial Scholarship has long been an MABA activity - one that the association has been very proud to promote and support.  Starting in 2017, MABA and its membership have been working had to establish the Montana Agricultural Business Foundation (MABF).  We are proud to announce that MABF was formally established in the fall of 2018 and is now in operation.

One of the benefits of MABF is that it is organized as a charitable foundation therefore removing any question regarding the appropriateness of providing scholarships to our membership and their children.  In 2019, the Pam Langley Memorial Scholarship will be transitioned away from MABA and to MABF for administration and granting.  This is a great opportunity for MABA members to provide funding to MABF to bolster these types of activities.

The current MABF Board of Directors include:  Bob Hollern, Russ Miner, Rod Brooks, Chris Barge, and Nate Fairbanks.  Please reach out to any of them for additional information or to provide funding for the foundation and its activities.

Please spread the word to your employees and others in our business so that this scholarship opportunity isn’t missed.  The deadline for applications is May 15.

You can access a PDF Copy of the application HERE or you can email the office at mabamgea@gmail.com and we will get you a MS Word version or you can download the application on the MABA website which is www.mtagbiz.org.
Our Mission
To preserve Montana’s agricultural heritage and to foster its future by supporting and developing sound agricultural practices and promoting the positive impacts of agribusiness on agriculture, the environment, and Montana communities.

Please consider giving to the Montana Agricultural Business Foundation.  You may contact any of the MABF Board members for additional information or to learn how to contribute.  As our agricultural economy continues to face many challenges and opportunities it is important to work together to help agribusinesses succeed and prosper.
Montana Department of Agriculture Adopts Amendment to Financial Responsibility Rules.

The Montana Department of Agriculture published notice of the adoption of an amendment to the financial responsibility rules allowing for a 1 year phase in period for the liability insurance requirements.  The language of the amendment is below or the official notice is attached.  Please reach out to the office if you have any questions or need additional information.

4.10.101   FINANCIAL  RESPONSIBILITIES   (1)  and  (2)  remain  as  proposed. (3)   The department  will  facilitate a  one-year  phase-in period  starting  January 2020,  to allow  pesticide applicators  to begin transitioning  to  the new  requirements before  January  2021.

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