Dear Church Members and Pastors of Western Iowa Synod ELCA,

We are at a crossroads and crisis in the Western Iowa Synod. Bishop Prois has informed us that in order to meet our missional and ministry obligations for the fiscal year ending January 31, 2019 income to the synod in January needs to be $199,000. We are at a crossroads because there is a real chance, we will renege on commitments we have made to God, to the church, and to the world. If we do that, ministry will fall short, the world will be less as a result of the absence of that ministry, and the Gospel will not be proclaimed as boldly and as brightly as possible. At first glance $199,000 seems an impossible mountain to climb. Yet, our reputation and God’s faithfulness hang in the balance. There is a way we together can meet this challenge: If in January 2019 every congregation in our synod matches or exceeds their January 2018 giving ($136,000 total) that leaves a $63,000 shortfall. If every congregation (128 total) each gives an additional $500 we will meet and exceed our budget and fulfill our commitments (128 x 500 = $64,000). In that, God will be glorified! Some congregations may do more, other less, but if we all do our part, and if we trust God, we can do it. Whether you are a lay leader, a congregation council member, or a pastor, please get this information and challenge on the agenda of your January council meeting or your annual meeting and respond with courage and faithfulness. God is faithful, and despite the challenges we face, we can be too. Below is a short list of Pastors who have committed to bring this to the councils and congregations they serve, will you join us? The Gospel is at stake!

Rod Hopp, Immanuel Forest City
Mike Kroona, Trinity, Webster City
Perry Aalgaard, First, Milford
Jean Morse, Bethlehem, Cherokee
James Mossman, St Paul Evangelical, Rockwell City
Barb Kopperud, Trinity Evangelical, Sibley
Luke Kuenzli, St John, Mineola
Grant Van Lishout, St Paul’s, Atlantic
Barb Spaulding, Trinity, Moville
Kim Peterson, Parish 3, Woden and Titonka
Willie Rosin, First, Britt
Del Olivier, Augustana, Sioux City

Jennifer Henry, Bethany, Spencer

Craig Miller, Christ, Ft. Dodge and Duncombe

In response to this letter we have attached a document which shows your January 2018 mission support for the church of Western Iowa.  

Congregational Giving Document