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In July 2015
Tuesday & Thursday
7:30 am
*New Class & New Teacher*
Good Morning Flow Yoga
Candice Yusim Maskell

11:15 am
*New Class*
with Patty Wortham

8:30 pm
*New Lower Price*
Raq Shimmy
with Shea Butter
now only $12

*New Class & New Teacher*
Pilates MatPlus
with Sorel Carradine

4:00 pm
*New Class*
Mindful Sculpt & Stretch
with Kim Blank
starts July 19th

8250 West 3rd St. #205
Los Angeles, CA 90048  
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Hello Beloved SWERVER,

Summer is on! And with it, all of the heat, sunshine, fun and camaraderie you can handle.

In addition to the fun, there will be plenty of opportunity this summer. However, the overflow of opportunities won't just be laid at your feet. You'll have to do a little creating, Creator. A little imagining, you great big Imaginer.

Of late, my Mom has taken to telling me, "It's good to want things." And having had an awakening in regard to her wisdom, I believe her. It seems like she's telling me to awaken my desire so that I can be creative. It feels like she's encouraging me to have hope and courage and to set out to make my world the way I want it to be--to imagine the things I want and then to go out and get them.

This month of Cancer in the sun has all of us looking at ourselves honestly and with full self-awareness. The stars are asking us to see ourselves realistically, knowing and accepting what's there so that we can progress. In this honest self-awareness we strive to perceive ourselves clearly  without imposing judgement. It is our work to accept ourselves as we are and to neutrally acknowledge what we must do to evolve.

When you reflect on yourself, your true voice speaks, but it tends to speak softly. It is the distractions and the overlays that tend to speak first and loudest. The one to hear is the Self within the self--the peaceful voice underneath that resonates down deep in the gut. Follow this deep intuition and the rich opportunities become visible. The wants become true creative urges and the energy to achieve them is stirred up.

Your challenge is to make progress at this time of fun in the sun. It will take effort. It will take surrender to what actually is--the way you actually are, oh creative one.

We can certainly help you fortify your body, mind and spirit at SWERVE. That's what we're here for. But you have to show up and do the work. The entire SWERVE staff and I will undertake to help you do it joyfully.


Gillian Alexandria Clark
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to their first class for only $10.
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