Mad as a March Hare

--FNAME--, that is the best way to describe March in Northeast Ohio.  We will probably get a taste of each season in this one month.  Here at The Flaming Ice Cube though, we're ready for Spring!  We have specials running throughout our store in March, so check your emails, and stop in to see for yourself!
Is it Spring Yet?
Buy a regular length legging, get a capri length 50% off
Yes! Yes! Spring is coming!  Let's stock our closets with new items to welcome Spring and warmer weather.  Now at The Flaming Ice Cube we are offering you a deal to create your spring wardrobe.  Buy any regular length legging and you will receive 50% off any capri length legging!  Spring and sales!  Lovely! 
Lenten Dining in our Bistro
Crustless, Eggless Quiche
Of course we offer meatless options daily in our Bistro, but we are always creating new items for you.  Our crustless, eggless quiche will be a welcome surprise for your Lenten, or Vegan diet.  
50% off Lapis Lazuli through March 8
Speak through your stone
Each week in March we will be featuring a stone.  The jewelry we have featuring this stone will be 50% off.  The stone is authentic and made with sterling silver.  This week's stone is Lapis Lazuli.  Lapis is a beautiful blue stone that is very popular, and dates back to ancient Egypt.  The energy of Lapis is said to help you speak the truth, improve your intuition and clarity, and regain your connection to what is most important to you.   Each stone radiates with a specific memory and energy.  Come in and see our Lapis collection while it's on sale and still here!

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