We've been seeing our youth step up in amazing ways at Summer Suppers, our new intergenerational and bilingual summer program on Wednesday evenings. Several of our youth have banded together to form the "TIM Team" (standing for Teens in Ministry), and they are truly excelling as young leaders in the program.

One of their responsibilities is creating a visual element to complement the Old Testament reading in worship, and we were particularly impressed with the visual they came up with for last night. Our Old Testament reading was Isaiah 55:1-11. Part of this passage from Isaiah explains how just like water and snow come down from the sky and produce grain that feeds, God's Word comes down and produces fruit that nourishes us. Pictured above is the visual element the Tim Team created to portray this message. See God's Word raining down to make good things grow.

We can't wait to see what they'll come up with next! Free on any of the next four Wednesday evenings? Register now and join us for Summer Suppers!


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